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Chiropractic Health Care
Section Newsletter
Winter 2010

Public Health Focus at the ACC-RAC in 2010

Submitted by Claire Johnson, DC, MSEd

Chiropractic Health Care Section Communications Chair


APHA Chiropractic Health Care Section members and leadership participated in the development and contribution of ACC-RAC workshops and paper presentations for the conference. Thanks to the assistance of Drs. John Stites, Paul Dougherty, Will Evans, Cheryl Hawk, and the many additional people included below, we will have outstanding CHC presence at this conference. The Association of Chiropractic Colleges Educational Conference and Research Agenda Conference (ACC-RAC) will celebrate its seventeenth year in 2010. This meeting has a long standing reputation for scientific presentations and skills development1 and will be held in Las Vegas from March 19-20.


The opening keynote speaker for the 2010 ACC-RAC will be the APHA Executive Director Dr. Georges Benjamin. As many in the CHC know, Dr. Benjamin has been a long-time supporter of the CHC’s participation in the APHA. He was initially trained in medicine and graduated from the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Following this, he became board-certified in internal medicine, a fellow of the American College of Physicians, and a Fellow Emeritus of the American College of Emergency Physicians. He has held many health care leadership positions. In the 1980s he was the chief of the Acute Illness Clinic at the Madigan Army Medical Center. Later he was chief of emergency medicine at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the chair of the Department of Community Health and Ambulatory Care at the District of Columbia General Hospital, then Acting Commissioner for Public Health for the District of Columbia. He was the secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene where he helped to develop Maryland's bioterrorism plan. He began serving as the APHA Executive Director in December 2002. He has published over 60 articles indexed in PubMed and is the publisher of The Nation's Health, and the American Journal of Public Health.2 He is a wonderful person to have as a keynote speaker at our premier annual chiropractic research conference.


Some of the presentations with a public health focus are listed here:


ACC-RAC Workshop - Back and Spinal Pain: a Public Health Priority

Spinal care is a public health priority, and chiropractic has a critical role to play. This workshop will introduce the audience to the evidence that suggests back pain is a major public health issue, including the second most common cause of disability. It will include some information on the depth of back pain and spinal conditions as a preventable cause of morbidity and disability. Information on the costs associated with spine conditions will be presented, along with information from the Bone and Joint Decade, regarding the critical role the doctor of chiropractic can play in reducing morbidity from spinal problems.

Presenters: Will Evans, Jason Bartlett, Paul Dougherty, Rick Branson


ACC-RAC Workshop - How to Become a Community Health Leader

The purpose of the workshop it to help doctors of chiropractic become better advocates of healthy measures and community programs from local to national levels. Basic do's and don'ts of advocacy and community involvement are discussed. Becoming an advocate for better health in your community by boosting involvement in public health advocacy and policy at home is the focus of the session.

Presenters: Rod Floyd, Will Evans, Georgina Pearson, Michael Ramcharan


ACC-RAC Workshop - Taking Care of Our Geriatric Population

The purpose of this project is to increase awareness of public health concerns in older adults, specifically the role of the chiropractor in evaluation and treatment of the patient with osteoporosis, the role of chiropractic in evaluation and prevention of falls and the burden of musculoskeletal pain in the older adult and the role of chiropractic in addressing this public health problem. The session will focus on the role of the chiropractic physician in assessing older adults who may suffer from osteoporosis, risk of falls and/or musculoskeletal pain. This will include an interactive portion with an actual demonstration and discussion about evaluation of the older adult. Finally the session speakers will address areas of future research addressing older adults.

Presenters: Louis Sportelli, Paul Dougherty, Cheryl Hawk, Lisa Killinger


ACC-RAC Scientific Session - Topics in Public Health

·         A survey of the public perception of chiropractic and chiropractic spinal screenings

o        David Russell, Kelly Holt, Heidi Haavik Taylor, George Ellis, Richard Kashmiri

·         The role of chiropractors in identifying and reporting non-accidental injuries in children

o        Mark Pfefer, Stephan Cooper

·         Empowering Impoverished People in Health Promotion Focusing on Intrinsic Community Assets

o        Ron Kirk

·         Qualitative analysis of the composition of the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette

o        Dwain Daniel, Xiaohua Cai, Harold Fick

·         An epidemiological study on metabolic abnormality and carotid IMT in Chinese children from Yueyang City

o        Xiao-Yue Wang, Liang Zhang, Hong-Hui Zhu, Xin-Min Yan, Xiang-Lin Liu, Yu-Ping Li, Chao Hua Yao, Qiong Sun


ACC-RAC Scientific Session -  Topics in Educational Research: Public Health

·         Teaching Public Health: An Experiential Approach

o        Kara Burnham

·         The Status of Mental Health in Chiropractic Schools in the United States

o        Lisa Rubin, Danielle Holtman

·         Nutrition services in the chiropractic college clinic: a review of literature and survey results

o        Cynthia Lund

·         The status of health insurance for students enrolled in a Chiropractic Curriculum

o        Marni Capes

·         A Study of the Effectiveness of Table Disinfection Protocols in the Clinics of a Chiropractic College

o        Georgina Pearson, Paula Robinson, Gene Giggleman, Ronald Rupert, Tracy Stark

·         Survey of student perceived discomfort while wearing contact lenses in the gross anatomy laboratory

o        Everett Johnson



ACC-RAC Scientific Session -  Chiropractic and Special Populations: Geriatrics

·         Implementation of Chiropractic Care in the Long Term Setting: A Pilot Study through a Chiropractic College and the Volunteers of America

o        Jodell Skaufel, Cara Borggren, Kristine Westrom, Roni Evans

·         Interests, Activities, and Concerns Within a Focus Group of Adult Senior Members in a University Sponsored Senior Program

o        Stephanie Sullivan, Jennifer Fisher  

·         Assessment of Today's Modern Day Senior Population: A Critical Need For "Fall and Injury Prevention"

o        Joseph Haezebrouck

·         Falls risk profile of elderly chiropractic patients    

o        Kelly Holt, Paul Noone, Krystal  Short, Heidi Haavik Taylor

·         Assessment of Students' Perceptions After the Implementation of a Geriatrics Case Studies Seminar Elective Course       

o        Cara Borggren, Michael Wiles

·         Standardized Geriatric Patients are Associated with Increased Novice Student Confidence Levels Taking Health Histories

o        Paul J. Osterbauer, Katie Burns Ryan


Our APHA CHC mid-year meeting will also be held at the ACC-RAC. It is scheduled for Saturday, March 20 from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. during the breakfast session so that all ACC RAC attendees may participate.  This is a wonderful opportunity for those interested in public health to participate within the chiropractic session.


We hope to see you there! For more information about the ACC-RAC 2010, such as schedule, accommodations and registration, please visit





1.      Johnson C. What is the Association of Chiropractic Colleges Educational Conference and Research Agenda Conference? J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2007 May;30(4):249-50.


2.      Georges C. Benjamin, MD, FACP, FACEP (Emeritus), Executive Director. American Public Health Association Executive Board. (2009).   Retrieved Jan. 30, 2010 from

Chiropractic Health Care Represented at the 2009 APHA Annual Meeting

Submitted by Jason Napuli, DC

Chiropractic Health Care Section Communications Chair


Chiropractic Health Care (CHC) Section members represented the chiropractic profession at the 137th APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition, Philadelphia, Nov. 8-11, 2009. The CHC booth at the APHA Expo included information related to chiropractic related public health publications, the public health issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT) (, chiropractic health related handouts from the American Chiropractic Association (ACA, materials from the Bone and Joint Decade (, and other chiropractic related materials. Hundreds of APHA attendees visited the booth and participated in an Osteoporosis Risk Questionnaire and were offered a safety checklist to help prevent falls in and around the home.


“It was amazing how well-received the chiropractic profession was at the APHA Annual Meeting," said CHC Booth Chair Dr. Jason Napuli. "We continued with the "mega booth" theme with our friends from Optometry, Oral Health, and Podiatry. The CHC members were very active in participating in the booth, and we thank them for helping with the booth this year.  In all, our 2009 CHC booth looked great and had the best turnout ever."



CHC Section members who served as chiropractic representatives at the 2009 CHC-APHA booth included: Rand Baird, DC; Jason Bartlett, DC; Joe Brimhall, DC; Paul Dougherty, DC; Jonathon Egan, DC, MPH;  Alisa Fairweather, MPH; Bart Green, DC, MSEd; Mitch Haas, DC, MS; John Hyland, DC; Claire Johnson, DC, MSEd; John Mosby, DC; Jason Napuli, DC, MBA; John Pammer, DC; Bill Pfeiffer, DC; Mary Pfeiffer, DC; Michael Ramcharen, DC; Gerald Stevens, DC; John Stites, DC; and Krista Ward, DC, MPH.

CHC banner and booth 


Pictured: Dr. Jason Napuli (CHC Booth Chair) and Dr. Bart Green (CHC Section Councilor) proudly displaying the new CHC banner at the CHC booth.

CHC Section Awards for 2009



Submitted by Gerald Stevens DC, MS, MPH

Chiropractic Health Care Section Awards Chair



The 2009 APHA awards ceremony demonstrated an outstanding year of service and accomplishments for the members of the Chiropractic Health Care (CHC) Section of APHA. It is important for us to recognize the many people who have significantly contributed to the progress that the CHC Section has made over the years.


Mitchell Haas, DC, MA, received the Lifetime Achievement Award, Paul Dougherty, DC, received the Distinguished Service Award, and the Rising Star Award was given to Claire Johnson, DC, MSEd. Special awards for "Advancing Public Health and Chiropractic" were awarded to three chiropractic college presidents who distinguished themselves by leading the way in establishing support for the public health focus in chiropractic. These were: Dr. John Scaringe (President of Southern California University of Health Sciences), Dr. Frank Nicchi (President of New York Chiropractic College) and Dr. Joseph Brimhall (President of the University of Western States (formerly Western States Chiropractic College), and frequent contributors to the Dynamic Chiropractic Public Health column Drs. Rand Baird and Jonathon Egan.


Five Year Membership Awardees included: Susan Boger-Wakeman, MS, PhD; Thomas M. Labrot, DC; Michael James Masters, DC; and David Wickes, DC.  Ten Year Membership Awardees included: Michele J. Maiers, DC, MPH; Douglas P. Manfra, DC, MPH; and John Stites, DC. Twenty Year Membership Awardees included: Martin Jeffrey Alpert, MS, DC; Christopher D Goeser, DC, MD; Marjorie L Harbison, DC; and Teri A Prince, DC.


Certificate of Appreciation Awardees included: John Stites, DC, DABCR - Section Chair, Intersectional Council; Alisa Fairweather, MPH – Secretary; Paul Dougherty, DC - Governing Councilor, Chair Elect, Resolutions Chair; Lori Byrd Spencer - Section Councilor; Jonathan Egan, DC, MPH - Membership Chair, Section Councilor; Elaine Cooperstein, DC - Immediate Past Chair, Intersectional Councilor; Dana Lawerence, DC - MMedEd Program chair; Gerald Stevens, DC, MS, MPH - Chiropractic Health Care Section Awards Chair, Section Councilor; Claire Johnson, DC, MSed - Communications Chair; Raheleh Khorsan, MA - Section Web page Coordinator; Bonnie Hillsberg, DC, MHA - Med Action Board Representative; Mitchell Haas, DC, MA - Section Manual Chair, Resolutions Chair; and Kara Burnham, PhD - Section Newsletter Chair.

Certificate of Appreciation Awardees 

Public Health - 2010 Special Theme Issue

The August 2010 issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics will provide a special focus on public health issues and chiropractic care. This will be our third annual issue that will offer a wide range of articles on public health topics.


Through the generosity of the National University of Health Sciences and Elsevier, the CHC Section will receive extra copies of this special issue of the JMPT for distribution at the 2010 APHA Annual Meeting, the chiropractic sessions, and the CHC booth.


Articles for the 2010 public health-themed issue of the JMPT should be submitted no later than March 1, 2010. Guidelines for submissions can be found at: or by contacting the editor at

APHA Nominating Committee Seeks Potential Candidates for APHA Leadership Positions in 2010

The Nominating Committee for APHA's Governing Council is looking for the following candidates for leadership roles in the organization:


  • APHA President Elect (three year commitment one-year each as president-elect, president and past-president)
  • Executive board – three positions available (4-year term)
  • Speaker of the Governing Council (3-year term)
  • Treasurer (3-year term)

The APHA Governing Council will vote to select these officers at the November (2010) meeting, and they would begin serving immediately after the APHA conference (so terms would start Nov. 10, 2010).


As I'm sure you know, the next APHA Annual Meeting is Nov. 6-10, 2010, in Denver.


Applications are due March 31, 2010 and should include the relevant (attached) one-page form along with resume/CV of the nominee, and any letters of support. The nominating committee will meet May 6 to select the list of nominees for consideration by the Governing Council at the 2010 Annual Meeting.


We hope you will be able to think of individuals who would be excellent candidates for the above positions. 


Should you or a potential candidate wish further information on these positions, please refer to the job descriptions and nomination form available on the APHA Web site at:


If you are interested in running, we suggest you contact your APHA Section, SPIG, Caucus and/or Forum leadership to solicit their support and assistance with your nomination. 


All nominees for the Executive Board are selected from among the membership of the Association, except that the nominees for  Honorary Vice-President may include persons who are not members of the Association.


For more information on the Nominating Committee, contact Ida Plummer via e-mail at