Chiropractic Health Care
Section Newsletter
Winter 2008

Chiropractic Health Care Section Officers for 2008

A leadership crisis was averted during the APHA 135th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC when CHC section Chair Dr. Elaine Cooperstein generously offered to serve one additional year as Chair for 2008.  Former chair-elect Dr. Kurt Hegetschweiler who would have become chair on November 8, 2007 had resigned unexpectedly citing “personal circumstances, great regret, and heartfelt apologies” a few days before the start of the Annual Meeting.


APHA protocol for this situation is that a replacement can be elected by the eligible members of the section who are in attendance at the Annual Meeting. Elaine agreed to serve, was duly nominated, and elected unanimously!  This puts her in the odd position of being the current chair and the immediate past chair at the same time, but all are confident that she can handle it well!


The elected and newly elected Section officers for 2008 are:

Chair: Elaine Cooperstein, DC        

Chair-elect: John Stites, DC, DACBR           

Immediate past chair: 

    Elaine Cooperstein, DC                                                                 

Secretary:  Alisa Fairweather, MPH         

Section Council:     

    Joseph Brimhall, DC

    Maria Hondras, DC, MPH            

    Jonathon Todd Egan, DC, MPH, PhD (cand)   

    Lori Byrd Spencer, BA                 

    Gerald Stevens, DC,  MS, MPH

    M. Wil Evans, DC, MA, PhD


Governing Council:   

      Paul Dougherty, DC                    

      Mitchell Haas, DC, MA    


And the appointed and re-appointed Committee Chairs will be:                                    


Awards:        Gerald Stevens, DC, MS, MPH                   

Membership: Jonathon Egan, DC, MPH              

Nominations: Elaine Cooperstein, DC and Alisa Fairweather, MPH         

Program:        John Stites, DC, DACBR           

Communications:  John Pammer, Jr., DC, DACBR     

Resolutions:           Paul Dougherty, DC                       

Section Manual:     Mitchell Haas, DC, MA                 


 Intersectional Council (ISC):  

       Elaine Cooperstein, DC             

       John Stites, DC, DACBR            


 Action Board Rep.:   Bonnie Hillsberg, DC, MHA    



Others:  (positions under the Communications Committee)

Dynamic Chiropractic Column Editor: Rand Baird, DC                                Website Coordinator:    Raheleh Khorsan, MA                                 

Exhibit Booth Coordinators:  Lori Byrd Spencer & Lisa Killinger, DC                         

Newsletter Editor:  Kara Burnham, PhD                                     


Please thank and support all of them in their difficult duties.  Any one of the Committee Chairs above would be happy to have some volunteer help, so if you have an interest in serving on one of these committees, contact them as soon as possible.

A New Year for the Chiropractic Health Care Section

This most recent Annual Meeting (2007 - Washington, D.C.) was fantastic - and the attendance at the Chiropractic Health Care Section business meetings was really tremendous. This is a thriving section - and it is so satisfying to work with each of you.


As we enter the new year, take a moment to reflect on the association you have had with the public health chiropractors in APHA! Think about other chiropractors and friends you know should be with us, and invite them to join. I know you agree that your membership in APHA is one of the most important professional memberships you maintain - as here chiropractors work on a level playing field with other public health and health care providers for the health of communities . Let's grow this membership so we can continue to accomplish great things.


At the start of this new year I'm moving ahead with starting the public health club at New York Chiropractic College. This is new on our campus. Those of you who have academic affiliations may consider something similar if you don't already have one. I find that I'm increasing my contact with students who care strongly about public health issues. This is so satisfying, and another student just joined APHA yesterday.


It's a New Year with new opportunities. Please take the chance to invite someone to join APHA and the Chiropractic Health Care Section!


Happy New Year!


Leadership Opportunities


The Leadership Appointment process is an excellent opportunity for our Section members to be more involved in APHA activities.  You may be interested in being on one of the sixteen boards/committees such as the Education Board, Equal Health Opportunity Committee or an award committee.  If you are interested please visit the website


Please note that the deadline is March 31, 2008.  Also, if you have any questions please visit or contact Natalie Raynor, the Member Appointments Manager at

Public Health and JMPT

The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics will begin publishing an annual public health-themed issue in conjunction with the APHA Annual Meeting. The first such issue will be published in September 2008, in advance of the APHA Annual Meeting that will convene at the end of October in San Diego. While it is unlikely that new submissions this year would be able to be included in the September 2008 issue, please keep in mind that future public health-themed issues will require and welcome public health-themed articles.

Articles to be considered for the September 2009 public health-themed issue of JMPT can be submitted throughout this year and should be submitted no later than February 1, 2009. Guidelines for submissions can be found at: or by contacting the editor at < > .

Please take advantage of this opportunity to disseminate your research and simultaneously draw attention to chiropractic and public health, the APHA annual meeting, and the Chiropractic Health Care section by submitting your research to JMPT this year.


Claire Johnson, MSEd, DC-Editor JMPT

Jonathon Egan, DC, MPH - APHA CHC Membership Chair

Elaine Cooperstein, DC - APHA CHC Section Chair

New Genomics Forum

The Genomics Forum would like to invite you to join this new component of APHA.  By joining the Genomics Forum, APHA members retain their affiliation with their Sections but also have the opportunity to with others outside of their primary affiliation.  We are currently working on a number of short articles introducing the Genomics Forum to APHA members.  Please check the forums section of the APHA website for more information.


The APHA website now has additional information on its website about Forums in general and the Genomics Forum specifically:

National Public Health Week 2008

Celebrate National Public Health Week 2008- Climate Change: Our Health in the Balance

The health effects of climate change will take center stage during National Public Health Week, April 7-13, 2008. As part of the weeklong observance, themed "Climate Change: Our Health in the Balance,"

APHA will lead the charge in helping people, communities, and families recognize that adapting to climate change and mitigating its impact is critical not just for the health of our planet, but for the health of the people in our nation and around the world.

Changes in our climate are causing more severe weather events.

Extreme weather conditions such as, heat waves, high winds, snowstorms, floods and hurricanes have the potential to dramatically affect the health and safety of both individuals and our communities. Changing ecosystems allow for emerging or re-emerging infectious diseases such as, dengue or malaria which are changing the spectrum of disease risks affecting populations. In poorer parts of the world, drought and floods often force people to move away from lands no longer producing enough food often resulting in hunger and malnutrition. Moreover, contaminated drinking water can result in outbreaks of diarrheal diseases leading to dehydration or death.

Few Americans will ever see the melting Greenland ice cap up close, or interact with an arctic polar bear facing extinction as its habitat melts. But local public health professionals around the country increasingly will be dealing with the impacts of climate change on the ground, every day. Join APHA as we work to create a healthier planet.

Visit the official National Public Health Week Web site at to check out the climate change blog and brochure, sign up to be a National Public health Week partner, or add your week's event to the national calendar. For more information about National Public Health Week, contact

APHA CHC Call for Abstracts

The Chiropractic Health Care Section of the American Public Health Association (APHA-CHC) has issued a call for abstracts for presentation at the 2008 Annual Meeting to be held in San Diego, CA, October 25 - 29, 2008. Topics related to this year's theme, "Public Health without Borders", and in all areas related to chiropractic health care will be accepted for review. The deadline is February 4, 2008.


Abstracts must be submitted online directly to the Chiropractic Health Care Section. Please visit for instructions and additional information.