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Chiropractic Health Care
Section Newsletter
Spring 2007

New CHC Newsletter Editor

Hi!  My name is Kara Burnham, and I’m your new editor for the CHC newsletter.  I’m beginning my third year at Western States Chiropractic College teaching microbiology, immunology, and public health.  I’m enjoying teaching 4th and 5th quarter students at WSCC.  I’ve recently been involved in starting a local chiropractic section of the Oregon Public Health Association and getting more involved with public health issues.  I look forward to putting together our newsletter, and I encourage you to send any announcements or articles to me over the coming months so that I can share them with the rest of our membership.  Thanks!

CHC News and Notes

Dr. Bonnie S. Hillsberg has been appointed to the Board of Directors for the Association for Clinicians for the Underserved (ACU) ACU is a nonprofit organization of clinicians, advocates, and health care organizations united in a common mission to improve the health of America's under-served populations and to enhance the development and support of the health care clinicians serving these populations.  The organization was established in 1996 by participants and alumni of the National Health Service Corps. ACU has a constituency of more than 8,000 clinicians and 900 organizations. ACU’s membership represents individuals in 18 professional disciplines, community clinics, health care organizations, and professional societies. ACU is committed to five objectives:


1. Enhancing support for clinicians.

2. Providing access to information relevant to Clinical Practice.

3. Providing opportunities for clinicians to interact with other professionals.

4. Promoting research to increase understanding of underserved practice

5. Increasing opportunities for training relevant to providing health care to under-served populations.


As a Board Member, Dr. Hillsberg hopes to have chiropractic health included in the vision and mission of ACU.  Dr. Hillsberg strongly believes chiropractors need to be permanently included in the National Health Service Corps and that the 45 million medically under-served people in this country deserve to have alternative medicine, including chiropractic, as part of their access to care.


Monica M. Smith, DC, PhD, has been selected to present her paper titled, "Could chiropractors screen for adverse drug events in the community?" at the 135th APHA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.  Look for her oral presentation (5062.0) on Wednesday, Nov. 07, 2007 at 8:30 a.m. in the Drug Policy & Pharmacy Services section.



The Strength of the CHC is the Members

As you know, the Chiropractic Health Care Section is composed of dedicated chiropractors and individuals interested in the role chiropractic plays in public health. The CHC is a great group of people, and I’m honored and excited to be associated with you!


The Section is strong but would greatly benefit from more members – with each member bringing their passion for health and wellness, for chiropractic and public health. Let’s make 2007 a landmark year for the Section. We all know other chiropractors who are interested in health, in health care policy, in interdisciplinary collaboration. Each of us can extend that invitation to them to join APHA and join the CHC Section. I’ve extended many such invitations, and have had many individuals accept. “Each one, reach one!” as they say. Let’s make it a banner year for the CHC!


In August, APHA takes the membership census from which our official status, budget, and representation are based for the next year. Each of us should strive between now and August to invite more of our chiropractor friends, coworkers, and others in the community to join APHA and the CHC! “Each one, reach one!”


It’s easy for you to invite other members!


First, there are two Powerpoint presentations available for recruiting purposes. One is the presentation Cheryl Hawk and Rand Baird have collaborated on and update annually, and you can contact Rand or me to get a copy of it (you can reach me at This is great for those of you who can speak to student groups but could be easily used in other settings. The other is a variation on the presentation I gave in Boston in 2006, which focuses on the history of the CHC Section and its impact on the chiropractic profession. Both are available to you.


Second, it’s easy for new members to sign up. New members can enroll through (and remember to select “Primary: Chiropractic Health Care” as “Primary Section”). Just send them to and have them click on “Member login/Join.”


Those of you who renew year after year and participate in the Section are the backbone (!!!) of chiropractic within APHA. You know what APHA and this Section mean to chiropractic and what chiropractic can mean for APHA and public health. Let’s each reach out and help bring in others to maintain the vitality and strength of the Section: our members. “Each one, reach one!”


[NOTE: I’m interested in assembling a roster of public health instructors at the North American chiropractic colleges. If you have any details about these individuals and their e-mail addresses and phone numbers, please forward them to me at Thank you, and now let’s recruit!]