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Chiropractic Health Care
Section Newsletter
Spring 2005

The Booth and Chiropractic Section’s 10th Anniversary

To: Chiropractic Section Members
From: Lisa Killinger and Lori Byrd

Many of you will recall that we have had some great collaborative booths for the Chiropractic Health Care Section. Our Mega Health Booth included collaboration with the Podiatry, Vision Care and Oral Health Sections of APHA. Collaborating has increased the numbers of visitors to our booth over the past few years, and has earned us some infamy and awards over the past few years as well.

Well, this year, all of the collaborating sections said, “Let’s do it again!” So, the four sections will all be located next to each other and this year we would like to showcase ways in which the chiropractic profession can play a role in helping the nation meet the Healthy People 2010 goals.

It is also our 10th anniversary as a section, so the theme for us will be “10”. We need to put our heads together, and come up with some potentially award winning ideas for our booth, around the theme of “10”.
A perfect “10”?
Top 10 reasons to see a chiropractor?
Top 10 ways chiropractic supports the Healthy People 2010 objectives?

You get the idea! So, send us your thoughts, your top 10 lists, your hopes for the booth, your dreams, etc. Let’s do it up right for this year’s 10th anniversary.

Our booth requires a great deal of effort from our Section members, so we are asking that you all step up and pitch in! A few things we will need are listed below:

1. People to staff the booth, handing out literature and screening tools to passers by. To volunteer please contact: Lori Byrd at <>. We will surely need people on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of the conference (the busiest days for the exhibit hall).
2. Ideas for give-aways for the booth. The ever-popular spine keychains? If anyone has connections and could score some gift certificates, etc for a business that is common across the nation, that would be great! Also, if you know anyone or any businesses in New Orleans that may want to donate items such as fruit or other snacks or give-aways, please contact Lori Byrd and let her know so we can line them up.
3. People to help pack up the booth on the Wednesday of the conference, around noon.
4. Someone to contact ICA or ACA to get cool pens or other giveaways. Let us know if you make any calls, so we don’t repeat our efforts.

It’s going to be another great year at APHA. Let’s try for a prize winning booth again! Think 10.

Plan to join us in New Orleans to celebrate the Chiropractic Health Care Section's 10th Anniversary

Plan now to attend the 2005 APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition in New Orleans on Nov. 5-9. It is the CHC Section's 10th anniversary and the theme for us will be “10”. Our Section is going to have a special celebration, so make your reservations now and join us in the Big Easy.

Go to <> for details.

National Public Health Week Brings Professions Together to Promote Healthy Aging

April, 2005

During National Public Health Week in Davenport, Iowa, history was made. Palmer College of Chiropractic had a vision; to sponsor several interdisciplinary NPHW events unifying the local health professional communities to serve the needs of the aging in their town. And so it was.

In Palmer College’s 109 year history, collaboration with the local hospitals, nursing community, health departments, etc, had simply never occurred at this level. That is, until National Public Health Week. Several leaders within the Chiropractic Health Care Section of APHA are employed at Palmer College, including the section’s immediate past Chairperson, Lisa Killinger. She teaches Healthy Aging at Palmer, and saw an opportunity to sponsor events around this year’s NPHW theme. She suggested that Palmer get involved in NPHW events, and she and Julie Johnson, event coordinator, took it from there.

Three community based events were sponsored by Palmer College and the Trinity Hospital Nursing Association, along with partners from more than 20 local organizations with an interest in serving the needs of the aging community. More than 40 chiropractic students also volunteered throughout the week to help insure that the NPHW events all ran smoothly. The events featured healthy food, fun and dynamic presentations by local experts on topics ranging from exercise to oral health, and from financial fitness to living wills. A mini-workshop was also held to help older adults access the Internet for sound health information.

The events also included a variety of health screenings, including stroke assessment, memory exams, spinal health assessments, osteoporosis screenings, and much more. Attendees also gathered information from the representatives of the local health departments, the Senior Olympics, US Too Prostate Health services, the Center for Active Seniors, and numerous other community organizations.

All in all, these events were informative, innovative, and inclusive. Events leaders said, “We are anxious to see what we can do for next year’s National Public Health Week.”

[Editor's Note: For more on National Public Health Week, visit <>].

June is the big recruiting month for the Chiropractic Health Care Section

June is the big recruiting month for the Chiropractic Health Care Section of APHA. Accordingly, all member doctors and chiropractic students are encouraged to contact their colleagues and ask them to join. To help guide your conversations, following is a list of reasons Doctors of Chiropractic Should Join APHA:

1. APHA is the most influential health organization in Washington, D.C., regarding health policy.
2. The chiropractic profession is a natural partner in the public health effort, since we advocate disease prevention and health promotion.
3. Chiropractors have expertise concerning the public health issues of health promotion and the epidemic of back pain.
4. Chiropractic currently has Section status with APHA (Chiropractic Health Section) and is represented on its Governing Council, the decision-making body of this powerful organization.
5. Chiropractors are now serving at all levels of APHA’s structure; as officers, committee chairs, program presenters, award winners, council members and board members.
6. The chiropractic profession needs more representation (members) to maintain our Section status.
7. Chiropractic representation in the American Public Health Association is critical to having more political influence.
8. Membership in APHA provides an opportunity to work with other professions toward finding solutions to the health problems plaguing America.
9. All section members, including students, have full voting rights in section elections and the right to run for office within the section and the association.
10. Chiropractic students are eligible to join and receive a sizeable discount on membership dues.

Membership in APHA includes subscriptions to the American Journal of Public Health and The Nation’s Health (APHA’s newspaper). Also, members receive discounts on APHA programs and their numerous publications.

Call 202-777-2742 or check the APHA Web site at <> for membership or other information. Click the “Join or Renew” link on the front page of the APHA Web site, and then complete the online application form to join immediately.

Chiropractic Health Care Section Leadership 2005 Roster

John K. Hyland, DC, MPH

Chair Elect
Andrew Isaacs, DC

Immediate Past Chair
Lisa Killinger, DC

Elaine Morschhauser, DC

Governing Councilors
Kurt Hegetschweiler, DC
Monica Smith, DC, PhD

Section Councilors
Ashley E. Cleveland, MA, DC
Mitchell Haas, MA, DC
Eric L. Hurwitz, DC, PhD
Sharon Jaeger, DC, DACBR
Karen Konarski-Hart, DC
John Pammer Jr., DC, DACBR

Action Board Representative
Christine Goertz, DC, PhD

Intersectional Councilors(Chair, Chair-Elect, and Immediate Past Chair are ex-officio members)
Andrew Isaacs, DC
Lisa Killinger, DC

Committee Chairs
Sharon Jaeger, DC, DACBR

Andrew Isaacs, DC

Continuing Education TBD

Michael Haneline, DC, MPH

Ashley E. Cleveland, MA, DC

Program Chair
Maria A. Hondras, DC, MPH

John Pammer Jr., DC, DACBR

Monica Smith, DC, PhD

Section Manual
Mitchell Haas, MA, DC

APHA-CHC Task Forces
Public Health Curriculum Task Force
Cheryl Hawk, DC, PhD

Policy Task Force
John Pammer Jr., DC, DACBR

Occupational Health Certification Task Force
Karen Konarski-Hart, DC
Robert Mootz, DC, DABCO

Diversity Task Force
Andrew Isaacs, DC

Web Page Task Force
Maria Hondras, DC, MPH
Lynne Carber, MPM
Lori Byrd-Spencer

Dynamic Chiropractic Column Editor
Rand Baird, DC, MPH

Immediate Past Chair of Chiropractic Health Care Section Speaks on HP2010

Lisa Killinger, CHC Section immediate past chair, has been invited to speak at the Geriatric Summer Institute at the St. Louis University College of Medicine. Her talk entitled: "Putting Healthy People 2010 Into Practice; A Practical Guide for Providers" will be shared with an interdisciplinary audience on June 7, 2005. Killinger reminds participants, "Clinicians aren't always clear what role they can play in helping meet the nation's HP2010 goals and objectives. In this interactive session we will explore ways in which health professionals of all stripes can actually and practically put the Healthy People document into practice".

Rod Floyd enrolled in dual advanced degree program at Walden University

May 3, 2005

Rod Floyd has been enrolled in a dual advanced degree program at Walden University. After being awarded an MSPH from Walden University in May 2005, he will continue toward a PhD in epidemiology in public health with an interest in adolescent population health. Floyd holds a BS in special education and is a Florida certified teacher and has taught children with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders. In addition he is also a licensed chiropractic physician in Florida. Walden University is accredited through the North Central Association. Many of the courses are delivered via distance learning with some residencies required, which makes obtaining an advanced degree easier for the working professional.