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Chiropractic Health Care
Section Newsletter
Fall 2008


This year the APHA Annual Meeting, Public Health Without Borders, promises to be an exciting few days.  This will be my first national meeting, and I look forward to meeting many of you there and putting faces to names! 

Public Health in the JMPT – A Success!

Thanks to the participation of many people throughout the chiropractic profession, the special public health issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics was a success! The first annual issue was published in the July/August edition of the journal and offers a wide range of public health topics from childhood obesity to adverse events (see below for the table of contents). This issue also offers articles that discuss alternate research approaches through concepts in population health and qualitative methods.  


The collaborative editorial offers a wide variety of public health insights from key participants in the chiropractic profession. The article touches on the chiropractic profession's current involvement in public health, reflects on past barriers that prevented participation in the public health movement, and summarizes selected chiropractic and public health topics. Topics include: how the profession participates in preventive health services, health promotion, immunization, geriatrics, health care in a military environment, and interdisciplinary care. This editorial is offered free full-text on the journal Web site; please feel free to download and share it with others:


Through the generosity of the National University of Health Sciences and Elsevier, the CHC section will receive extra copies of this special issue of the JMPT for distribution at the APHA Annual Meeting. In addition, Dynamic Chiropractic has highlighted this special issue on the front page of its September edition – this will help us to get the word out just in time for the APHA meeting:


We are already beginning to prepare for the 2009 issue, and you are invited to submit your public health related research articles. Articles for the 2009 public health-themed issue of the JMPT can be submitted throughout this year and should be submitted no later than February 1, 2009. Guidelines for submissions can be found at: or by contacting the editor at .


Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

Volume 31, Issue 6, Pages 397-488 (July 2008)

Table of Contents




Chiropractic and Public Health: Current State and Future Vision

Claire Johnson, DC, MSEd, Rand Baird, DC, MPH, Paul E. Dougherty, DC, Gary Globe, MBA, DC, PhD, Bart N. Green, DC, MSEd, Michael Haneline, DC, MPH, Cheryl Hawk, DC, PhD, H. Stephen Injeyan, MSc, PhD, DC, Lisa Killinger, DC, Deborah Kopansky-Giles, DC, Anthony J. Lisi, DC, Silvano A. Mior, DC, and Monica Smith, DC, PhD




Adherence to Radiography Guidelines for Low Back Pain: A Survey of Chiropractic Schools Worldwide

Carlo Ammendolia, DC, PhD, John A.M. Taylor, DC, Victoria Pennick, RN, MHSc, Pierre Côté, DC, PhD, Sheilah Hogg-Johnson, PhD, and Claire Bombardier, MD


Adverse Effects of Spinal Manipulative Therapy in Children Younger Than 3 Years: A Retrospective Study in a Chiropractic Teaching Clinic

Joyce E. Miller, DC, and Kate Benfield, MChiro


Ontario Chiropractors’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs About Intimate Partner Violence Among Their Patients: A Cross-Sectional Survey

Heather M. Shearer, DC, and Mohit Bhandari, MD


Nutrition and Youth Soccer for Childhood Overweight: A Pilot Novel Chiropractic Health Education Intervention

Robert A. Leach, DC, MS, and Joyce M. Yates, EdD




Is It Time for a Population Health Approach to Neck Pain?

J. David Cassidy, DC, PhD, DrMedSc, and Pierre Côté, DC, PhD


Chiropractic Treatment of Pregnancy-Related Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review of the Evidence

Kent J. Stuber, DC, MSc, and Dean L. Smith, DC, PhD




Qualitative Methods in Chiropractic Research: One Framework for Future Inquiry

Jon Adams, PhD, Alex Broom, PhD, and Megan Jennaway, PhD


Adverse Events Following Chiropractic Care for Subjects With Neck or Low-Back Pain: Do The Benefits Outweigh the Risks?

Sidney M. Rubinstein, DC, PhD


To access the above articles, please visit the journal online:

A New Role in Public Health for Dr. Hillsberg

Bonnie Hillsberg, DC, MHA, MEd, writes that " Aside from practicing part time, I have a new position which I am very excited about.  I have been appointed the Senior Program Manager for Public Health Programs at the National Indian Health Board (NIHB).  NIHB advocates on behalf of all Tribal Governments and American Indians/Alaskan Natives in their efforts to provide quality health care.  My role is to increase public health capacity in all of Indian Country, which includes injury prevention, diabetes, obesity, cancer, chronic disease, elder care, HIV/AIDS, tobacco, substance abuse, suicide prevention and other health issues that effect Native American and Alaskan Native communities."

This is very exciting news ,and I'd like to extend my congratulations to Dr. Hillsberg on her new role in the world of public health!! 

A little more about Dr. Hillsberg:

Bonnie S. Hillsberg, DC, MHA, MEd, has been in the health care and education field for over 30 years. She is a nationally board certified Licensed Chiropractor. In addition to her doctorate in chiropractic, Dr. Hillsberg holds a Master's Degree in Health Care Administration from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Mo., and a Master's Degree in Education from Boston College. Her previous work includes technical assistance with substance abuse prevention issues, health care project development, management, marketing, accreditation and credentialing, emergency work, training and education, and working with populations that have special needs such as the physically disabled and neurologically impaired.  Dr. Hillsberg lectures at the Georgetown School of Medicine and is an external faculty member at Palmer Chiropractor College. (from the National Indian Health Board Web site,