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Chiropractic Health Care
Section Newsletter
Fall 2004

Newly Elected Section Leadership

CHC 2004 Election Results

Andrew Isaacs
CHC Chair-Elect

Elaine Morschhauser
CHC Secretary-Elect

Mitchell Haas
CHC Section Council

John Pammer
CHC Section Council

Kurt Hegetschweiler
CHC Governing Council

Chiropractors Against Tobacco

Submitted by Drs. Rand Baird and Cheryl Hawk

The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) is an international association of national chiropractic associations from over 80 nations, and has been designated as a non-governmental organization officially affiliated with the World Health Organization (WHO). WFC’s Health for All Committee is charged with coordinating WFC activities with those of the WHO. Since WHO has designated tobacco use as its single biggest cabinet-level priority, the Health for All Committee is currently focusing its efforts on addressing tobacco use.

The Health for All Committee has named this project CAT (Chiropractors Against Tobacco). CAT materials include patient information brochures and instructions and resources for chiropractors on tobacco use cessation, including colorful high-impact posters with captions in English, Spanish and French. These can all be easily downloaded from the WFC Web site and printed on a color printer or taken as a computer file to a printer for printing in quantity. Two of the posters were included in a recent issue of Dynamic Chiropractic and sent to every chiropractor in the world for office display. The CAT project also encourages DCs themselves to join and participate in local community anti-tobacco activities, including observing May 31st each year as the World Health Organization’s annual “World No Tobacco Day” and observing the American Cancer Society’s “Great American Smokeout,” which takes place on the third Thursday every November (Nov. 18 this year).

As part of its ongoing work, a pilot study of the usefulness and acceptance of these CAT materials is being undertaken now in the United States as a collaborative effort of the WFC, the Chiropractic Health Care Section of the American Public Health Association (APHA), Palmer College, and the research department of Parker College of Chiropractic with Cheryl Hawk, DC, PhD, as the principal investigator. A select group of chiropractic offices with prior experience in practice-based research was solicited, and almost immediately 30 offices eagerly volunteered to participate and began receiving training materials in April. Although small in scale, this important pilot study will help validate the materials and also could possibly lead to a larger scale study in North America or even internationally. Check out the WFC Web site at <> to sample the Chiropractors Against Tobacco materials.

Field Practitioner Active in Local Public Health Community

Submitted by Dr. Karen Hartwinkle

Dr. Karen Hartwinkle represents the chiropractic profession on the Arkansas Terrorism Advisory Committee. Hartwinkle also teaches chiropractors how to respond to emergencies and disasters. This continuing education occurs through the state associations and is sponsored by NCMIC.

Chiropractors in Arkansas are participating with the public health community in Arkansans for Drug Free Youth. Additionally, as Arkansas progresses in its Healthy Arkansas Campaign to encourage wellness and healthy lifestyle choices, the chiropractic community stands ready to assist.

Hartwinkle is also serving on a State Board of Health subcommittee working on nutritional recommendations for schools. Further, she serves on a panel for water, food and waste disposal enforcement, and as Chairperson of the Local Grant Trust Fund Committee that builds and maintains county health units.

Clearly it is possible for chiropractors to become trusted and involved members of the local public health community.

Annual APHA Social Event in Washington, D.C. - - Monday, Nov. 11

Submitted by Dr. Bonnie Hillsberg

Come One Come all - Calling all DCs from the metropolitan Washington area. Please join your fellow colleagues at the annual APHA social to be held in your own backyard! This is an ideal opportunity to network with your esteemed colleagues and hear and see the latest developments in the world of public health and chiropractic.

In the heart of the Nation's capital, this year's social event is a collaborative effort with the chiropractic section and the Complementary and Alternative Health Care Special Interest Group. The two groups will be co-hosting the annual social and awards event which will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Monday evening, Nov. 8. The event will be an informal reception with light refreshments to be held in the Wilson/Roosevelt Room from 7:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. During that time, several awards will be presented to individuals who have made outstanding public health contributions over the last year.

This is an excellent opportunity to network with our own colleagues and other professionals in the field of alternative and complementary health. We hope to see all of you there. Should you need further information, please feel free to contact <>

ACA Plugs Involvement in APHA

Submitted by Andrew Cohen, Chiropractic Student

The following information was provided to ACA members through the weekly report from the ACA’s Executive Vice President.


If you have an interest in the activities of the members of the American Public Health Association, you should mark your calendar for its annual meeting, Nov. 6-10, in Washington, D.C. The event brings together more leaders in public health and government than any other gathering.

The chiropractic profession will have a strong presence as usual. There will be four full sessions consisting of several public papers each dedicated to chiropractic topics:

· Chiropractic in the Changing Health Care Environment
· Issues in Chiropractic and Public Health Education
· Issues in Chiropractic Practice and Research
· Chiropractic Access, Outreach and Research

For further details, go to <> for details on the program and chiropractic-related events.”

It is significant to receive this kind of coverage from one of our national associations, and we are grateful for the assistance of ACA’s leadership in getting our message out to the profession.

As noted above, the APHA's Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, D.C., Nov. 6 – 10, 2004. The schedule of events for the Chiropractic Health Care Section follows.

Chiropractic Health Care section at the 2004 APHA Annual Meeting

The following attachment provides detailed information on CHC Section meetings, social events and scientific sessions.

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