Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
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Winter 2011

Chair message

Chair’s Message

By Linda Bosma


Greetings from the Chair, February 2011


Since assuming the role of chair at the end of the meeting in Denver, I continue to be impressed with the great energy and expertise of the ATOD Section members.  First, I want to thank our outgoing chair, Ann Mahony, for her leadership for the past two years.  Ann contributed much to the Section these past two years — including bringing in new active leaders, encouraging student participation and development opportunities, and leading a fantastic celebration of the 25th anniversary of the ATOD Section.  I know all of you join me in thanking Ann for her hard work and leadership these past two years!  Ann will continue as immediate past chair for the coming two years, ensuring continuity in our leadership transition.


As we begin our next 25 years, the ATOD Section is engaged in many efforts, many of which are detailed in this edition of the newsletter.  A major focus, led by our program chair Lawrence Brown, is launching activities to plan next year’s program.  Abstracts are under review as we go to press, and the program planning meeting will soon take place in Washington, D.C. —i f you are interested in helping with the program planning meeting, contact Lawrence at to learn more about joining us on Sunday, March 27.  It is a full day of planning, approving abstracts, and compiling our final 2011 ATOD Scientific Program. 


Other news you’ll read about in this edition is the ATOD’s efforts to ensure that behavioral health issues relating to substance use/abuse are sufficiently addressed as the Affordable Care Act is implemented.  We continue to stay in touch with Dr. Benjamin and other staff to be sure the expertise of our many members is utilized in this discussion and that ATOD concerns are included.  To that end, a Health Reform Workgroup has been established on behalf of the Section, to help keep us informed.  Thank you to Kathye Gorosh, ( our ATOD Section Council Member who is coordinating this effort!


We anticipate introducing a policy related to use of Naloxone in treatment.  Several Section members are currently working on this issue, which was identified as a concern at our business meeting in Denver.  Ann Mahony is taking the lead on drafting the policy and keeping the Section informed, so keep an eye out for future developments in this area.  Feel free to contact Ann at if you have comments or questions or can assist.  Introducing the policy will only be the start — we will need people to speak on behalf of it at the upcoming annual meeting in D.C. and show support.


This is a small sample of Section activities.  Our Midyear Business meeting will be at APHA headquarters in D.C. on Monday, March 28.  While the Section's elected leaders all attend this meeting, it is open to all members who are interested in becoming more involved in the Section.  We will spend time planning for the Annual Meeting next fall, identifying Section priorities, and health reform, just to name a few topics.  If you are interested in attending or have questions, please contact me at or Cynthia Hallett, our new chair-elect, at – we look forward to hearing from you!


Thanks to everyone — I’m looking forward to the next two years!


Linda M. Bosma, PhD

ATOD Section Chair

ATOD update

Update on ATOD Section


Dear Fellow ATOD Members,


We have much to celebrate!  Twenty-five years of accomplishment including diverse programming for our past APHA conferences that have covered a range of scientific, practice and policy issues; sponsorship of various special events and networking opportunities; honoring our leaders; and active encouragement of novice ATOD researchers, advocates and practitioners who will take us into our future.  Everything we have succeeded with as a Section is in large part due to your efforts and support.  Quite frankly – we could not be as successful collectively if not for your individual talents, commitment and contributions.  And for this and much more – we thank you.


On the fund development front, 2010 was a stellar year for our ATOD Section!  Various organizational sponsors helped us exceed our goal, which allowed us to put on a great ATOD celebration in honor of our 25th year of service.  We are also grateful to ATOD members who supported us with an individual contribution which allowed us to recognize all of our honorees in a manner that recognized their leadership and dedication to the ATOD field. 


We are now reviewing feedback from the 2010 conference – APHA Executive Board and staff, ATOD leaders, and our sponsors (which include also individual ATOD members) in order to plan for yet another successful 2011 programming as we advance beyond our quarter century.  Our 2011 Annual Meeting will be Oct. 29 - Nov. 2 in Washington, D.C.  We hope we can count on your support!  Our programming is made possible by people who volunteer countless hours of their time to carry out our collective interests.  New for 2011, APHA now has systems in place that will allow for greater opportunities for each ATOD member to financially contribute to our Section’s work.  We will provide more details in the next ATOD newsletter.


I have had the pleasure of serving as your fund development chair for the past several years, and now it is time for me to pass the torch to our new Fund Development Chair Amber Thornton Bullock.  If you have suggestions that you would like to share for specific Section projects or ways we might improve our conference program, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Amber at (202) 454-5591 or at; or our new Section Chair Linda Bosma at


Thank you very much for your support – we could not have done it without you!


We continue to be grateful for your interest in and commitment to alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues.




Cynthia Hallett, MPH

Chair-Elect and Governing Councilor


ATOD celebration slides

Slideshow from the 25th ATOD Section Celebration


Thanks to Andre Stanley, here is a YouTube link to the video slideshow celebrating 25 years of the ATOD Section shown at the Section Awards Ceremony at APHA in November 2010:

SAMHSA resources

Resources from SAMHSA


SAMHSA is Your One-Stop Shop for Behavioral Health Resources


Did you know that SAMHSA has a new Publications Store where you can order behavioral health resources — manuals, brochures, videos, public service announcements, and more — for free?  By registering on SAMHSA’s Publications website, you will be able to:


  • Track previous and current orders.
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  • Receive a notification when a product is back in stock.


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Briefing on HBV and HCV

Capitol Hill Briefing on Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C:  Links to other Drug Use and Health Reform

By Ann Mahony


Trust for America’s Health sponsored a hearing on Oct. 14, 2010 on: HBV and HCV: America’s Hidden Epidemics.  Because HBV and HCV are highly associated with other drug use, its relevance was underscored to people in the drug treatment field.  Among the recommendations proposed in the TFAH report include public education campaigns for those at high risk, expanding access to care including drug treatment, syringe exchange programs, and education about the dangers of sharing needles.  Another relevant recommendation is to make screening for Hepatitis B and C routine under health reform.


Link to a copy of TFAH’s report at:


For copies of the presentation slides link to side bar on the right at:    

APHA contest

TWENTY-FIRST Annual APHA Public Health Materials Contest

The APHA Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section is soliciting your best health education, promotion and communication materials for the 21st annual competition. The contest provides a forum to showcase public health materials during the APHA Annual Meeting and recognizes professionals for their hard work.


All winners will be selected by panels of expert judges prior to the 139th APHA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.  A session will be held at the Annual Meeting to recognize winners, during which one representative from the top materials selected in each category will give a presentation about the winning material.


Entries will be accepted in three categories; printed materials, electronic materials, and other materials. Entries for the contest are due by March 25, 2011.  Please contact Stephanie Parsons at for additional contest entry information. 

APHA bookstore

Books Published by APHA :


APHA has more than 75 titles covering every aspect of public health! Browse through the online bookstore to see titles.  

Remember, APHA members receive a 30 percent discount on all APHA books and 10-15 percent off other publisher’s prices. Not a member? Join Today!

The Society for Public Health Education, in collaboration APHA, is seeking proposals for a new Health Communication Handbook for public health professionals.  The expected timeframe for publication of the book is 2012. Deadline for Applications: April 1, 2011.

Postdoctoral training

Postdoctoral Traineeship at UCSF in Drug Abuse Treatment/ Services Research


POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLARS: One- to two-year NIH/NIDA-funded positions as postdoctoral scholars in drug abuse treatment and services research are available in a multidisciplinary research environment in the Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco. Scholars work with a preceptor to design and implement studies on the treatment of drug dependence, and select a specific area of focus for independent research. Stipend levels are set by NIH, based on years of related experience, and range from $37,368 to $51,552.


Director and Associate Director Drs. James Sorensen and Sharon Hall and Co-Directors Drs. Steven Batki, Kevin Delucchi, Joseph Guydish, Carmen Masson, and Constance Weisner are all involved with either the NIDA Clinical Trials Network (CTN) or Treatment Research Center (TRC). Training of psychiatrists, women, and minorities for academic research careers is a priority.


Send CV, research statement, samples of work, and two letters of recommendation to Barbara Paschke, 2727 Mariposa St., Suite 100, San Francisco, CA  94110; 415-437-3032;


Additional information including faculty research interests is available at:

ATOD on facebook

ATOD Section on Facebook!

By Andrea Frydl


Call for Content!


We are searching for relevant and timely content to update our facebook, twitter, and Web pages with.  If you have events or important news stories that you would like to share with the group about your respective fields, please send us the information so we can feature it through facebook, twitter or our website.  Examples of relevant featured content are: a call for public comment on a new regulation, a newly released report on alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, an upcoming conference, etc. 


Please e-mail Andrea Frydl at or our main ATOD e-mail address at


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Twitter: @APHA_ATOD



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Keep Your E-mail Address Up to Date


E-mail has become a primary means of communication within our Section and APHA.  Please notify APHA of any changes in your e-mail address or other contact information at If you are part of the ATOD Listserv, please notify Mary Brolin at of any changes in your e-mail address.

ATOD listserv

ATOD Listserv Available


The ATOD Section has set up a listserv to help members communicate with each other on matters relating to policy, practice and research in the areas our Section covers. The listserv is a way to quickly inform others of developments, solicit assistance on matters of ATOD policy and its implementation and alert our members to opportunities and events of interest.


Control of the listserv will remain exclusively with the ATOD Section, and all listings will be kept strictly confidential. Messages will be disseminated only after the sender and message content have been "vetted" as appropriate for our Section.


To join the listserv, e-mail your name and e-mail address to Listserv Coordinator Mary Brolin at


To provide a message for posting (after vetting), e-mail the material to Listserv Coordinator Mary Brolin at You do not have to be a member of the Listserv to post messages.


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This is your newsletter, so please send us information you would like to share with your colleagues. We're interested in summaries of conferences, commentaries on articles, research or policies and announcements about conferences. If you have important news, we'd like to hear about it and publish it in the APHA-ATOD Section Newsletter.


Please e-mail your news to Meelee Kim at The deadline for our next issue, the 2011 Spring Issue, will be in early June.

Leadership table

2011 ATOD Leadership Roster


Linda M. Bosma  


Cynthia Hallett   

Immediate Past Chair

Ann G. Mahony  

Program Chair

Lawrence Brown


Amanda Woodfield French

Section Council

Deborah McLellan

April Brubach

Amber Thornton Bullock  

Linda J. Frazier  

Andrea Frydl

Kathye Gorosh   

Action Board Representative

Vanessa Miller

Program Guide

Vinitha Meyyur

Event Coordinator

Carol Schmitt

Website & Social Media Coordinator

Andrea Frydl

Membership Chair



Section Booth

LT Brandon Johnson

Student Assembly Liaison

Justin Byron

Newsletter Editor

Meelee Kim

Listserv Coordinator

Mary Brolin

Governing Council

Kris Bosworth

Tom Greenfield

Andre Stanley


Katherine C. Smith

Fundraising Chair

Amber Thortnon Bullock

Awards Chair

Andre Stanley