Problems Logging In?

The American Public Health Association reserves certain material on its Web site for the exclusive benefit of APHA members. Occasionally, members may experience problems logging in. Below you will find some helpful hints on logging in successfully.

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  • How do I log in?
    1. When prompted for your login ID/Username, enter your personal APHA Member ID number.
    2. When prompted for your password, enter the first initial of your first name combined with your last name.
      Ex. Mary White – password: mwhite
      Ex. Bill Smith-Jones – password: bsmith-jones
      Ex. Sheila O’Brien – password: so’brien
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  • Are you a current member of APHA?
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  • Does your name have an apostrophe (‘) or hyphen (-)?
    If your name includes an apostrophe (for example O’Brien) or a hyphen (for example Smith-Jones), be sure to include that punctuation when you log in. There should be no spaces before or after the punctuation. Please note that you must enter your information exactly as it appears in our membership database. If you have questions about exactly how your name appears in our database or what your Membership ID number is, please refer to your membership card or the mailing label on your copy of the American Journal of Public Health and The Nation’s Health. If you cannot find these items please contact Member Services at: or phone: (202) 777-2400.