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E-ssentialLearning Recorded Presentations

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Audio recordings of scientific sessions are synced with the corresponding PowerPoint presentations and uploaded to the APHA web site following the meeting, providing access to hundreds of scientific session presentations. Receive full access to these session recordings by purchasing E-ssentialLearning.

General Information

  • E-ssentialLearning provides access to all successfully recorded presentations.
  • Individual sessions/presentations cannot be purchased.
  • Presentations are web streamed videos and include the cursor movements made by the presenter, as well as the voice recordings.
  • Accessing E-ssentialLearning requires a high speed internet connectivity (128kbps) such as DSL or cable modem.

  • Recordings are available 3-4 weeks after the meeting due to the extensive clean up process.

Purchasing E-ssentialLearning
There are a variety of ways to purchase the system:

  • Before the meeting - Purchase E-ssentialLearning while registering for the meeting. A discount is available for purchasing in advance.
  • At the meeting - Stop by any registration counter to purchase E-ssentialLearning
  • After the meeting - Purchase E-ssentialLearning online.


Early-Bird/ Full Registration On-Site/Post Meeting
Presenters $60 $90
Members $85 $140
Non-Members $140 $250
Non-Attendees n/a $300


Past Annual Meetings - Accessing Recorded Presentations

2013 Annual Meeting - Now available for purchase

2012 Annual Meeting - Now available for purchase

E-sssentialLearning from the 2005-2011 Annual Meetings are available for FREE. Access to the online programs with E-ssentialLearning is located on the Past Annual Meetings webpage.

To access the recordings go to the Online Program for a specific year and search for the particular sessions you would like to view. Sessions marked with a folder icon indicate the existence of a recording.

If you purchased E-ssentialLearning last year, when you click on a folder icon, a window will prompt you to enter your login and password (your last name and registrant ID). The recording will begin playing once you log in. If you misplaced your login information, there is a link to have a new login mailed to you.