Audio Visual Equipment

Standard Audiovisual Equipment
The following equipment is provided for all Oral Scientific Sessions:

One (1) LCD Projector
One (1) Computer
One (1) Screen
One (1) Microphone

Audiovisual equipment is not appropriate nor available for roundtable or poster sessions.

Presenters should upload their PowerPoint presentations in advance of the meeting in order to have them pre-loaded onto the APHA session computers. Instructions for Uploading Presentations.

Additional Audiovisual Needs
If a presentation requires audiovisual equipment not listed above, additional equipment should be ordered in advance of the Annual Meeting. Complete an Audiovisual Order Form with payment information and return to APHA.

If your presentation has embedded video or sound please notify Donna Wright, so that a sound patch or speakers can be requested. Videos used in presentations should be captioned to ensure access to people with disabilities.

All cancellations of audiovisual equipment must be sent to APHA in writing.

Internet Access
Session rooms are NOT set for internet access. If web access is required, presenters must order access through the building and pay any associated costs (costs vary, but usually run from $750-$1000 per room). To order internet access contact Natalie Sorkin.