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Annual Meeting Mobile App

The 2014 APHA Annual Meeting Mobile App will be available in September 2014  

Download the APHA mobile app for easy access to all Annual Meeting information right at your fingertips. 

  • Search sessions, abstracts and author information
  • View the Public Health Expo Floor Plan and Venue Maps
  • Create event itinerary using My Meeting or Sync with the personal scheduler
  • Stay in the know with meeting alerts
  • Access general information about meeting schedules
  • Connect with colleagues

To enjoy the full benefits of the app and to avoid delays during the download process, attendees are strongly encouraged to download the app prior to their arrival at the meeting.

If you do not have an Apple or Android device, but have a web-based phone you can use our mobile web version.

Have technical questions about the APHA Meeting App? Check the Frequently Asked Questions below; if you don’t find the answer you need, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

I created an itinerary using the Personal Scheduler. How do I sync that itinerary with the app?
The personal scheduler and mobile app schedule will sync automatically the first time you download the app. If you update your personal scheduler after you download the app you will need to resync the mobile app. To do this, select the sync button on the top right of the mobile app.

Do I need an Internet connection to use the APHA App?
You will need a connection to download the app and on the first launch when you login.It may take a few mintues for the first sync to complete. Once installed, all of the app content is stored on your device and can be accessed without an Internet connection.

The function to message attendees does require an Internet connection.

You should periodically sync the app to upload new attendee information. This does require an internet connection.

How do I add sessions to my schedule?
While viewing the session select the “Add to My Schedule” button at the bottom of the screen.

How do I remove a session from my schedule?
In the "My Meeting" menu click on "My Schedule." Select the session that you want to remove and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Click on the "Remove from My Schedule".

Can I save the Annual Meeting sessions in my Itinerary to the calendar on my smartphone?
Yes. On apple devices when you launch the app you will be prompted to allow access to the device calendar. On Androids, the system automatically syncs to your personal calendar.

If you want to turn OFF the sync function, go to "My Meeting" from the home menu. Then click on "My Profile." From there, select the "Calendar Options" and turn off the sync.

How do I locate a session room?
The location of a session is included in the detailed listing of sessions and events.

Where can I find information about...?
From the home screen, press the Information button. This section lists the locations and hours of several Annual Meeting services, including:

  • Coat Check
  • First Aid
  • Lactation Lounge
  • Mix and Mingle Lounge
  • Public Health Expo
  • Registration
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Speaker Ready Room

How do I get more information about a session?
Select the Program Menu from the home screen. Search for a particular session by date, section or keyword. Select a session to find date, time and room location and read the session description. At the bottom of the scree,n select the View Presenter button to see a list of all presentations and read the individual abstracts.

How do I find sessions for a Specific Section, SPIG, Caucus or Forum?
In the "Program" menu, select the option to view "By Section" or type in the section name in the search bar.

How do I get back to the Main Menu?
On Android devices press menu and select "home". For Apple devices select the home icon on the upper right hand corner.

Can I send a message to another attendee?
Yes. From the home page select the attendees icon. Search for the individual and send them a message. The individual automatically receives an email and a message on his or her phone. Note: No personal information will be provided through the APHA Annual Meeting App.

Where will I find the meeting room floor plans so I can locate my meeting room?
From the main menu, select the "Information" menu. There will be a section that says "Maps".