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A Codeathon to Help Implement the Affordable Care Act

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With the launch of the Health Insurance Marketplace and historic investments in prevention and wellness, now is the time to help leverage the Affordable Care Act to transform our nation’s health.

Join developers, designers, coders, public health professionals, students and others to create apps, platforms, visualizations and other innovations to support public health agencies and organizations in implementing the ACA.

Develop an app to connect community members to tobacco cessation services. Design a program to help make preventive health screenings more widely accessible. Create tools to collect data to support public health research.

The APHA Codeathon will be held Nov. 1-2 in conjunction with APHA’s 141st Annual Meeting and Exhibition at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. APHA’s Codeathon is free to attend, but you must register in advance. Separate registration is required to attend the APHA Annual Meeting.

Innovations created during the Codeathon will be judged by a panel of experts who will award prizes for winning entries.

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About APHA’s Codeathon
Codeathons are events that bring developers, designers, practitioners and innovators together for one or more days to develop applications and tools that solve central challenges. APHA’s Codeathon will draw the expertise and energy of participants to develop solutions that help public health agencies implement the Affordable Care Act.

Friday will feature an overview of the Affordable Care Act and announcement of the challenges and ground rules. Participants will network, share ideas and form teams to address a challenge. Sponsors will provide demonstrations of technology and discuss data sets, APIs and other technologies.

Saturday will continue with participants working together to develop solutions. Teams will present their solutions before a panel of judges who will award prizes based on challenge criteria.