Think Global, Act Local

The 141st Annual Meeting theme, Think Global, Act Local, will offer attendees the opportunity to learn about creative and successful public health efforts from across the globe and discuss how public health workers can adapt such efforts to the communities they serve at home. The theme will focus on best practices around the world.

The ability of public health practitioners to adapt proven interventions to the diverse needs of America’s communities - and in the process, bring opportunities for good health to all – underpins many of the field’s greatest success stories. The meeting will highlight how other nations have improved population health outcomes while keeping costs in check and whether such efforts can succeed within the U.S. health system.

The 2013 Annual Meeting will also explore the progress of existing efforts that were adapted from other countries as well as national efforts that were reshaped to address regional needs here in the United States. Today’s health landscape is quickly changing and public health’s unique adaptation skills will be critical to ensuring that the nation’s vulnerable residents, families and communities don’t get left behind.

Annual Meeting Theme