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Host a Business Meeting or Social Hour

Related Organizations (universities, programs and public health organizations) are encouraged to hold business meetings, social hours and alumni events in conjunction with the APHA Annual Meeting. These events provide great networking opportunities for both the organization and attendees.

To hold an event at the APHA Annual Meeting complete a Related Organization Application Form. Space is available on a first come, first served basis. See guidelines and policies below. For more information, contact Natalie Sorkin (202-777-2504.)

See the current Related Organizations in the Online Program.

Additional Order Forms 

Reach Annual Meeting attendees to promote your event.

Definition: A Related Organization is defined as a public or non-profit organizational entity that:

  1. Espouses basic health-related objectives consistent with those of APHA, and shall be reviewed in light of APHA’s values: health, equity, diversity, empowerment, integrity, dignity and knowledge for individuals and communities.
  2. Includes members and/or clientele that overlaps with that of APHA.
  3. Agrees to abide by all operational policies and procedures that guide and govern APHA.


  1. Business meetings and social hours may not be scheduled during the Opening General Session, Closing General Session or any other scientific session time slots, and must adhere to the times outlined on the application. 
  2. Related Organizations may not hold independent scientific sessions at APHA’s Annual Meeting.
  3. Cancellation Penalty: 50 percent of total or $180, whichever is greater. No refunds after Sept. 22, 2014.
  4. A separate and complete application must be submitted for each event.
  5. Requests are on a space available basis and are not guaranteed.
  6. APHA reserves the right to relocate any room assignment. Please do not publish the location of your event(s) until after Sept. 22, 2014.
  7. Related Organizations must cover the cost of any food & beverage and audiovisual equipment ordered for their event(s) as well as any room set up and break down requests beyond the standard APHA room set options.
  8. Audiovisual equipment must be ordered through APHA’s official audiovisual provider, AVMG.
  9. APHA has the right to leave AV equipment, podiums and head tables in rooms during Related Organization events.
  10. Related Organizations will incur additional charges for equipment added on-site.
  11. Related Organizations that apply for meeting space before April 21 agree to provide APHA with a current mailing list of their members, in an Excel format, which will ONLY be used ONCE by APHA to promote the 2014 Annual Meeting.

Services Provided:

  1. The standard room set is conference, theater or reception. Specific rooms are selected based on the estimated attendance for the event. Set up and costs vary with the individual needs of the Related Organization.
  2. A listing of the Related Organization event(s), including date, time and location will be published in the Final Program under Business Meetings/Social Hours (if received by early October) and in the APHA Online Program and Mobile App. If a related organization chooses not to utilize official APHA meeting space at the convention center or contracted hotels, their event will not be listed in the final program.
  3. Food & beverage information (if applicable) will be provided directly by the assigned property in mid-June.

Fees and Requirements:

  1. The fee schedule and rates for all Related Organizations can be found on the 2014 Annual Meeting Related Organization Application. Payment must be made within 30 days of the invoice order date or space will be released.