Annual Meeting Contact Information

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about the APHA Annual Meeting.

For general inquiries email or call 202-777-2478.

For specific inquiries contact the individuals below.

Access Manager
(202) 777-2478
TTY: (202) 777-2500
Accessibility information

Ashell Alston
(202) 777-2470
Advertising information

Archivist [Thursday Only]
For information regarding meetings prior to 2000
Karla Pearce
(202) 777-2423

Continuing Education
Annette Ferebee
(202) 777-2521
Continuing Education information

Exhibitor Information
Lynn Schoen
(202) 777-2479

Fax: (202) 777-2530
Information for current exhibitors
Become an exhibitor

Book Online
APHA Housing

International Guests
Vina HuLamm
Registered attendees may request a letter of invitation online or send an email.
Travel information for international guests

Membership Department
(202) 777-2400
Membership information

Press and Media
David Fouse
(202) 777-2501

Public Health CareerMart
Ashell Alston
(202) 777-2470
Public Health CareerMart's CareerDay

Register Online
APHA Registration

Related Organizations
Hold your next event during the Annual Meeting
Natalie Sorkin
(202) 777-2504
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