Visual Impairment

Use of Personal Assistant
Should you require an aide or personal assistant to help navigate the Annual Meeting, APHA will register your aide as a complimentary guest. Email APHA to register your personal aide (name, city and state is required for the badge). The badge for the personal aide will be mailed to the attendee. Personal aides may attend sessions and access the exhibit hall, but are not able to earn CE credits or use the electronic message center. If you need APHA to arrange for an aide to help you navigate the meeting, your request must be submitted in advance outlining the specific type of assistance required. Email APHA with your requests.

Message Center Accommodation
In an effort to make the Annual Meeting Program and Abstracts, as well as a number of on-site services, accessible to registrants who are visually impaired, APHA has installed Microsoft Narrator on one computer in the Electronic Information Center located in the Exhibit Hall in the 1000 aisle.

From this computer, registrants can access the Online Program, message center, personal email, the Virtual Trade Show, the APHA Website and more. JAWS is designed to read aloud text on a computer screen. Please note: It is not a screen magnification program.

Final Program in Alternative Format
Abstracts can all be viewed online from the Online Program. Be sure to contact APHA at least three weeks before the meeting if you require the final program in a different digital format.