Public Health ACTion (PHACT) Campaign

(PHACT) Public Health ACTion Campaign 

This spring and summer, APHA is mobilizing its members, affiliates and other advocates to educate their members of Congress on important public health issues that help to build and maintain healthy communities. During the Fourth of July (June 29 - July 7) and August (August 3 - September 8) congressional recesses, we are asking APHA members and affiliates to reach out to their congressional delegation to express support for protecting critical funding for public health agencies as well as the Prevention and Public Health Fund and in support of passing comprehensive legislation to reduce gun violence.

Download the APHA 2013 PHACT Campaign Toolkit: Find PHACT Campaign fact sheets, tips for advocating for public health issues, sample letters to the editor and op-ed’s, and much more to help you communicate with Congress. 

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Check out the 2013 PHACT Campaign webinar.

Where to Start? Send a message today to your members of Congress expressing your support for public health funding and legislation to reduce gun violence!

Find a town hall meeting in your community: This list will be updated throughout the summer as town hall meetings are scheduled. Please call the member's office to confirm the time and location of the town hall meeting.

Sample letters on APHA priority issues including gun violence prevention, public health funding, the Clean Air Act and health and farm bill reauthorization

Share your story: Tell us how public health funding impacts you and your state!

Follow-up Survey: Please provide us feedback on your advocacy activities by completing this survey.

Advocacy resources:

2013 published opinion editorials and letters to the editor:

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