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Reports and Fact Sheets


People riding on bicycles.APHA has developed several reports and fact sheets on health, equity and transportation topics. Many were created with partner organizations.  


APHA and Partner Reports


Promoting Active Transportation: An Opportunity for Public Health (PDF) - an active transportation primer coauthored by APHA and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership

The Hidden Health Costs of Transportation (PDF) (short version)
The Hidden Health Costs of Transportation (PDF) (long version)
The Transportation Prescription: Bold New Ideas for Transportation Reform in America (PDF)
America Breathing Easier: Working Together, We Can Alleviate the Burden of Asthma and Keep America Breathing Easier (PDF)
At the Intersection of Public Health and Transportation: Promoting Healthy Transportation Policy (PDF)


APHA Fact Sheets

Transportation and Public Health (PDF)

Transportation-related Health Impact Assessments (PDF)

Equity and Health Issues in Transportation (PDF)

Active Transportation (PDF)

Transportation, Climate Change and Public Health (PDF)


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