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Crosswalk showing walkers, vehicles, and bicyclists.The connections between our transportation systems and community health are increasingly important to advocates, the public and the media. This page highlights select press coverage and other updates as related to transportation, equity and health.


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U.S. cities providing new lanes as cycling commutes increase: Green lanes in six cities target safety

How Community Transformation Grants can draw attention


Is America prepared for health emergencies?


Designated drivers may not be sober

Pedestrians crossing.


The latest issues of the American Journal of Public Health are now available online. Highlights include: 

Health and the Built Environment: 10 Years After, by Richard J. Jackson, MD, MPH, Andrew L. Dannenberg, MD, MPH, and Howard Frumkin, MD, DrPH

Walkability, Transit Access, and Traffic Exposure for Low-Income Residents With Subsidized Housing. Douglas Houston, PhD, Victoria Basolo, PhD, and Dongwoo Yang, MSCRP.


Health Cobenefits and Transportation-Related Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Neil Maizlish, PhD, James Woodcock, PhD, Sean Co, MS, Bart Ostro, PhD, Amir Fanai, CEng IMechE, and David Fairley, PhD.

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