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Featured Transportation and Health Research and News

This page shows research included in the American Journal of Public Health, organized by various topics, as well as articles from The Nation's Health.




Physical Activity

The Safe Routes to School Program in California: An Update. Claudia Chaufan, et al. June 2012; 102: e8–e11.


Walking and Cycling in the United States, 2001–2009: Evidence From the National Household Travel Surveys. John Pucher, et al. December 2011; 101; S310–S317.


Association of Walkability With Obesity in Baltimore City, Maryland. Sarah Stark Casagrande, et al. December 2011; 101: S318–S324.


An Applied Ecological Framework for Evaluating Infrastructure to Promote Walking and Cycling: The iConnect Study. David Ogilvie, et al. Mar 2011; 101: 473-481.


Potential Health Impact of Switching From Car to Public Transportation When Commuting to Work. Alfredo Morabia, et al. Dec 2010; 100: 2388-2391.


Air Quality

Analysis of Diesel Particulate Matter Health Risk Disparities in Selected US Harbor Areas. Arlene Rosenbaum, et al. December 2011; 101: S217–S223.


Particulate Air Pollution and Socioeconomic Position in Rural and Urban Areas of the Northeastern United States. Paul J. Brochu, et al. December 2011; 101: S224–S230.


Community-Based Participatory Research and Policy Advocacy to Reduce Diesel Exposure in West Oakland, California. Priscilla Gonzalez, et al. December 2011; 101: S166-S175.


Vulnerable Populations 

Mobility and Aging: New Directions for Public Health Action. William A. Satariano, et al. August 2012; 102: 1508–1515.


Neighborhood Social Inequalities in Road Traffic Injuries: The Influence of Traffic Volume and Road Design. Patrick Morency, et al. June 2012; 102: 1112–1119.


Potential Strategies to Eliminate Built Environment Disparities for Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Communities. Daniel J. Hutch, et al. April 2011; 101: 587–595.


High Point Walking for Health: Creating Built and Social Environments That Support Walking in a Public Housing Community. James Krieger, et al. Nov 2009; 99: S593-S599.




Bigger, heavier trucks pose dangers to public health, safety advocates say. July 2014


Parents drive distracted despite having young children in tow. July 2014


Platform calls for U.S. to invest in safe places to bike, walk. April 2014


U.S. cities providing new lanes as cycling commutes increase: Green lanes in six cities target safety. September 2013


Transportation primer guides health workers. February 2013


Drunk-driving crashes a growing risk for young women, study finds. May/June 2012


Distracted driving: Stay focused when on the road. February 2012


Nearly one-third of drivers have been sleepy behind the wheel, survey finds. January 2012