Advocacy Activities

As members of the public health community and constituents, your involvement in forming healthy transportation policies is very important. The following resources will provide you with all of the information and materials you need to contact your policy makers and be successful in your advocacy efforts.

APHA and its partners developed ten public health and equity principles for transportation, so that transportation policies may be reviewed with these principles in mind to ensure that health and equity are well-represented. The public health community envisions a transportation system that is carefully designed to support and improve community health. We must ensure that the billions of public dollars spent on transportation projects enhance the health, equity and well-being of communities. We invite partner organizations to sign-on to show their support.

Tips and Resources:


PHACT Campaign, which included transportation issues: APHA's 2010 summer campaign mobilized its members, affiliates, and other advocates to educate their members of Congress on important public health issues that build healthy communities. Healthy transportation policy was a primary component of the 2010 APHA PHACT Campaign.

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