Communicable Disease Control and Laboratory Procedure Manuals

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Compendium of Methods for the Microbiological
Examination of Foods (4th Edition)

Edited by Frances Pouch Downes and Keith Ito

"With the increasing awareness of food safety as a public health concern, this updated edition of the Compendium is a most timely and extremely valuable resource for any laboratory engaged in food analysis." Burton W. Wilcke, Jr., Ph.D., Director, Health Surveillance, Vermont Department of Health

The Compendium of Methods for the Microbiological Examination of Foods, now in its 4th Edition, is the all-inclusive reference for anyone involved in the dynamic fields of processing and testing the safety and quality of foods. Food-borne illnesses comprise a significant public health problem, striking 76 million Americans yearly and killing 5,000, according to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. APHA's Compendium is the authority for food safety testing. The Compendium presents a comprehensive selection of proven testing methods with an emphasis on accuracy, relevance, and reliability. More than 200 experts have reviewed and updated the 64 chapters in the 4th edition. New material included on meats and meat products.

Contents include: general laboratory procedures, including laboratory quality assurance, environmental monitoring procedures, sampling plans, sample collection, shipment, and preparation for analysis; microorganisms involved in processing and spoilage of foods; foods and the microorganisms involved in their safety and quality; indicator microorganisms and pathogens, microorganisms and food safety: foodborne illness; preparation of microbiological materials-media, reagents, and stains; and much more.

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ISBN 0-87553-175-X: 600 pages hardcover, 2001: $87.50 APHA Members: $125.00 Nonmembers

Control of Communicable Diseases Manual
(18th Edition)
Now available on CD Rom, Edited by David L. Heymann, MD

The Control of Communicable Diseases Manual is the most widely recognized sourcebook on infectious diseases. The new 18th edition addresses concerns about the impact of communicable diseases around the globe as communicable diseases, new and unknown, continue to thrive, kill, maim and surprise the masses. Among the diseases addressed in the new edition is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The emergence of this disease so clearly demonstrates that every country is vulnerable.

The 18th edition of CCDM is full of detailed information for public health workers in official and voluntary health agencies, including those serving in the armed forces and other governmental agencies, and for all students of medicine. Each listing in this easy to read, easy to understand manual includes identification, infectious agent, occurrence, mode of transmission, incubation period, susceptibility and resistance, and methods of control that are not limited to but include prevention and epidemic control measures.

The 18th edition of CCDM is also scheduled to be available, for the first time, online. Translations into several languages; currently Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Serbian, Indonesian and Italian make this text a global treasure.

The Control of Communicable Diseases Manual has only had five editors in its history. The newest editor to take on the task of diligently overseeing the 18 th edition is Dr. David Heymann who, along with his team from the World Health Organization (W.H.O), compiled an impressive group of experts from around the world to serve as reviewers, authors and editors. Thanks to their due diligence, this book has been transformed into a resource responsive to the needs of the global health community.

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ISBN 0-87553-035-4: Hardcover: $32.00 APHA Members: $43.00 Nonmembers

ISBN 0-87553-034-6: Softcover: $25.00 APHA Members: $33.00 Nonmembers

ISBN 0-87553-036-2: CD Rom: $45.00 APHA Members: $58.00 Nonmembers

Designing a Modern Microbiological/Biomedical Laboratory
Edited by Jonathan Y. Richmond, PhD

Most existing clinical laboratories are in desperate need of a variety of improvements, from updated machinery demands to increased security requirements. This publication provides a well-outlined process for the renovation of these aging, obsolete public health laboratories and helps administrators, facility managers, and laboratorians face this demanding challenge. Environmental issues, security and regulatory requirements, guidance documents, computer links, investigator needs, and fiscal obligations are addressed in a full-process, detailed format. Chapters include risk assessment, design concepts, team organization, safe maintenance of facility operation, and more.

All medical laboratory workers, architects, administrators and engineers will need this reference to meet the requirements and challenges of any clinical laboratory renovation.

ISBN 0-87553-231-4: 322 pages, softcover, 1997: $45.00 APHA Members: $65.00 Nonmembers

Diagnostic Procedures for Viral, Rickettsial, and Chlamydial Infections (7th Edition)
Edited by Edwin H. Lennette, MD, PhD, David A. Lennette, PhD and Evelyne T. Lennette, PhD

This landmark volume provides the user with pertinent information on the most appropriate laboratory methods for the diagnosis of viral, rickettsial, chlamydial, and ehrlicheal diseases of clinical and public health importance. The book provides a framework of biological, clinical, immunological, and epidemiological information for the interpretation and evaluation of laboratory results. Chapters include Cellular Pathology, Antiviral Susceptibility, Predictive Value of Diagnostic Tests, Viral Taxonomy and Ehrlicheae.

ISBN 0-87553-220-9: 633 pages, softcover, 1995: $67.20 APHA Members: $96.00 Nonmembers

Laboratory Methods for the Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (2nd Edition)
Edited by Berttina B. Wentworth, PhD, Franklyn N. Judson, MD, and Mary J. R. Gilchrist, PhD

This reference book is for the laboratory worker or clinician seeking guidance on collecting and handling specimens and interpreting laboratory findings. This comprehensive volume includes methods for the diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases from syphilis to AIDS. Contents: Syphilis; Gonorrhea; Chlamydial Infections; Genital Herpes Simplex; Genital Mycoplasmata; Vaginitis; Cervical Cytology; Genital Warts; Chancroid and Granuloma Inguinale; Intestinal Infections; AIDS; Scabies; and Pediculosis Pubis.

ISBN 0-87553-128-8: 270 pages, softcover, 1991: $28.00 APHA Members: $40.00 Nonmembers

A Manual of Tests for Syphilis (9th Edition)
Edited by Sandra A. Larsen, Victoria Pope,
Robert E. Johnson and Edward J. Kennedy, Jr.

This is the 9th in a definitive series of manuals of tests for syphilis, first published by APHA in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1990. This practical guide for the laboratory-assisted diagnosis of syphilis contains sections on laboratory safety, specimen collection and clinical diagnosis using antibody and antigen detection methods. It also includes tests beyond those considered Standard Status Tests, procedures for commercially available provisional tests, and tests for which many of the individual components may be purchased. The format complies with the CLIAA-88 regulations.

Chapters include: Laboratory Biosafety; Collection of Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid; Quality Control; Diagnostic Tests such as Darkfield Microscopy for the Detection and Identification of Treponema Pallidum; Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL) Slide Tests; Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) 18-mm Circle Card Test; Toluidine Red Unheated Serum Test (TRUST); Treponemal and Nontreponemal Enzyme Immunoassays (EIA); Treponemal Western Blot, and more.

ISBN 0-87553-234-9: 361 pages, softcover, 1998: $34.00 APHA Members: $48.00 Nonmembers

Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products (17th Edition)
Edited by H. Michael Wehr, PhD, and Joseph H. Frank, PhD

The new 17th edition of this landmark book is designed for regulatory, industry, and commercial laboratories that need to assess the safety and quality of dairy products. It is also a compendium of microbiological, chemical, and physical methods for analyzing milk and dairy products. The focus of SMEDP is on tests for hidden attributes that can only be detected by laboratory procedures. These include test methods and procedures that may be applied routinely for the laboratory evaluation of products and complex nonroutine methods, such as those for foodborne pathogens and vitamin content analysis.

The new 17th edition of SMEDP provides the dairy industry, associated research organizations, and the governmental bodies charged with ensuring the safety and wholesomeness of dairy products with validated methodology to ensure that harmful levels of organisms and other substances are absent and that the nutritive qualities, flavor, and appearance of products meet established specifications. An aim of SMEDP is to provide a system for the uniform testing of dairy products that will become a critical component of both government and industry analytical programs. The presentation of methods in SMEDP is designed to foster uniformity by providing sufficient information on key test procedures so that analysts have a clear set of procedures when performing each method.

In addition to the routine updating of methodology, comprehensive revisions have been made to chapters on antibiotic drug residues and chemical and physical methods. Rapid changes in antibiotic residue testing methodology have replaced methods in earlier editions.

ISBN 0–87553–002–8: Hardcover, 2004: $52.50 APHA Members: $75.00 Nonmembers 

Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater (20th Edition)
Edited by Lenore S. Clesceri, Arnold E. Greenberg and Andrew D. Eaton

Published by the American Public Health Association, the American Water Works Association and the Water Environment FederationNow is the time to get the most up-to-date and complete set of standards for testing water and wastewater. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just given regulatory approval to the 20th Edition of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater. The U.S. EPA ruling on the approval will be published in the Federal Register.

The 20th edition of Standard Methods provides step-by-step procedures for over 350 separate test methods presented in an easy-to-use manner. The latest water analysis methodology is provided for domestic and industrial water, wastewater treatment, public health and environmental protection. Each of the methods has been reviewed and endorsed by qualified water and wastewater professionals, offering the most accurate and consistent procedures. These methods offer scientists, analysts and engineers a valid and recognized basis for control, evaluation and assistance with regulatory compliance. Also provided is information on quality control, safety issues, waste minimization and disposal, lab apparatus, washing and sanitizing, full color aquatic algae illustrations and more!

Take advantage of Standard Methods Online. Go to and subscribe today!

ISBN 0-87553-235-7: 1,220 pages, hardcover, 1998: $155 APHA, AWWA and WEF Members: $200 Nonmembers

New and Revised Methods now available online

Order the Standard Methods New and Revised Methods (Supplement), available for 
immediate download in pdf format. Five NEW sections; eight revised sections.

Available on CD-ROM
The CD-ROM format allows the ultimate access to information. It has easy navigation with the most powerful search engine available. All tables, charts, and graphic images from the book are included, plus over 300 illustrated figures and full color aquatic algae illustrations.

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