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Public Health Funding

A dramatic increase in funding is necessary for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and other public health service agencies. These increases need to be started immediately and sustained over time. Past budget cuts, coupled with new challenges and responsibilities, have caused these critically important agencies to do more with less and to struggle to provide basic public health services, like state-based chronic disease prevention programs, as well as to effectively respond to public health emergencies and natural or man-made disasters. A larger investment is required in our public health agencies and programs to equip them with the necessary resources to restore their effectiveness and adequately protect the health of the American public.

The following resources provide additional information on APHA's advocacy efforts to increase public health funding.

TAKE ACTION! Respond to APHA's legislative alert urging Congress to fully fund public health programs in Fiscal Year 2010.

NEW: APHA testimony to the House on the FY 2010 appropriation for the Department of Health and Human Services (May 1, 2009)

APHA coordinates two coalitions that advocate for public health funding:

APHA participates in the Coalition for Health Funding, an alliance of 50 national health organizations that works to ensure that funding for the programs and agencies that comprise the U.S. Public Health Service is adequate to meet public need.

Letters sent to Congress in support of public health funding in fiscal year 2010: