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With information you can access when and where you want it, APHA offers a variety of ways for you to stay connected online.

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What is RSS? How do I use it?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, which is an easy way to share news and information. RSS allows information to be "pushed" to you using an "RSS reader" or "aggregator." To use RSS feeds, you need an RSS reader, which can take the form of programs that are downloaded to your computer, or are Web-based, such as MyYahoo! or Google Reader. Some Internet browers also support RSS feeds. To add the feed, just click on one of the feed icons and add it to your reader. (Look for a button or link in your reader that says “add content” or “add feed.”) Information from APHA will begin showing as soon as it is updated.

Why do I see code when I click on some RSS/XML buttons?

That is the actual code of the feed for your reader to interpret, and is not meant for you to read. To see the formatted information, add the feed to your RSS reader.