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Public health leaders to gather in San Francisco to address nation’s top health challenges at APHA Annual Meeting, Oct. 27-31

Washington, D.C., October 1, 2012 – More than 13,000 public health professionals will meet in San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 27-31, to discuss the country’s most pressing health challenges and, in particular, the impact disease prevention and wellness efforts have on health across the lifespan.


Hosted at the Moscone Convention Center, the conference will feature some of the nation’s most influential health champions, researchers and practitioners presenting the latest research on public health practice and emerging trends at nearly a thousand sessions on significant public health issues, including improving health IT, achieving health equity, the public health impact of climate change, transportation and health, the latest on implementation of the Affordable Care Act and other major health topics.


APHA’s 140th Annual Meeting is themed “Prevention and Wellness Across the Lifespan” and will focus on the importance of environmental, social and behavioral issues that impact health at all stages of life. The meeting provides a unique platform for public health professionals from across the country and around the world to address a range of current and emerging health science, policy, and practice issues in an effort to prevent disease and promote health.

The opening session on Sunday will feature Barbara Garcia, MPA, director of health at the San Francisco Department of Public Health;

Gail Sheehy, best-selling author and journalist; and Reed Tuckson, MD, executive vice president at UnitedHealth Group.


Reporters are encouraged to register by Oct. 10. After this date, reporters must register on site at the APHA Press Office in Room 3020 of the Moscone Convention Center West. Information for press, including details regarding required credentials, is available here. Please email pertinent information per the online registration page to


Abstracts are searchable on the online program. Final programs with session locations, along with daily highlights and other press materials, will be available on site at the APHA Press Office.


*All research is embargoed until 12:01 a.m. EDT on the day of presentation.*


Monday, October 29, 2012


Session 3002 - New findings on U.S. trends in alcohol use problems and services use

Featured presentation: Racial/ethnic disparities in drinking patterns and problems in the US: Temporal trends from 2000 to 2010 (Abstract 258709)


Session 3104 - Identifying and assessing prescription drug abuse risks across populations

Featured presentation: Measuring prescription drug misuse in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (Abstract 259428)


Session 3132 - Regulating competitive foods in schools: from assessment to policy

Featured presentation: State of the States: The High School Competitive Food Environment (Abstract 267386)


Session 3230 - Pediatric and adolescent epidemiology 1

Featured presentation: Got Wheels?--Adolescent exposure to ATVs and their driving practices (Abstract 266723)


Session 3264 - Online, social, and mobile media

Featured presentation: A content analysis of prostate cancer screening information on YouTube (Abstract 257176)


Session 3304 - Let's learn the front line story: ATOD & the military

Featured presentation: Associations of military service history with heavy drinking and alcohol dependence in a general population sample of U.S. men (Abstract 261496)


Session 3335- The food marketing environment: Barriers and opportunities to action to improve children’s health

Featured presentation: What are they thinking? Parents' attitudes about food marketing to their children (Abstract 265522)


Session 3343 - Food access and food security

Featured presentation: On the Fringe: How alternative financial services are related to household food insecurity (Abstract 267843)


Session 3369 - Chronic disease management and evaluation in the workplace

Featured presentation: Positive Influences and barriers for fruits and vegetables consumption in employees and their spouses: Qualitative and quantitative results (Abstract 269579)


Session 3370 - Academic-community partnerships for research: Prevention research centers

Featured presentation: Differences in perceptions of the home food and physical activity environment among adult dyads (Abstract 268936)


Session 3435 - Mental health and substance use among LGBT communities

Featured presentation: Health disparities by sexual orientation among high school youth: Findings from the New York City Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance Survey, 2009 (Abstract 255437)



Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Session 4014 - Impact of social determinants on cancer morbidity and mortality

Featured presentation: Breast Cancer Prevention: Why Environmental Regulations are Public Health Policies (Abstract 269406)


Session 4030 - Social epidemiology 1

Featured presentation: Social Predictors of Red Cell Distribution Width - An Emerging Biomarker of Disease


Session 4045 - Innovations in injury research methods

Featured presentation: A randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy of an interactive child pedestrian educational tool (Abstract 266626)


Session 4074 - Children's vision and eye care needs

Featured presentation: Experience from school-based vision clinic designed to serve the Chicago Public Schools (Abstract 258424)


Session 4082 - Accessing care for co-occurring drug use & infectious disease

Featured presentation: Alcohol and drug use differences by behaviorally versus perinatally HIV-infected adolescents in care (Abstract 261237)


Session 4111 - You can lead the students to water, but . . . the current state of drinking water availability and intake in school and child care settings

Featured presentation: Where's the water: The Impact of a California law to regulate beverages in licensed childcare (Abstract 257101)


Session 4120 – HIV and youth

Featured presentation: Online sexual solicitation and partner seeking in relation to sex risk behavior among adolescents (Abstract 263787)


Session 4130 - Healthy women, healthy infants: Social determinants of health during the childbearing years

Featured presentation: Relationships between the maternal Stress to Resiliency Ratio (SRR) and unhealthy behaviors during pregnancy: Findings from the 2007 Los Angeles Mommy and Baby (LAMB) study (Abstract 260108)


Session 4182 – Healthcare utilization and costs

Featured presentation: Aging Medications: Cost and Utilization Patterns (Abstract 265701)


Session 4199 - Community voices: Community member perspectives on community-academic partnerships and CBPR

Featured presentation: An African American Health Paradox: What's driving high obesity rates in a high-income African American (Abstract 261960)


Session 4209 - Influenza

Featured presentation: Impact of health insurance coverage on seasonal influenza vaccination rates across age groups (Abstract 266770)


Featured presentation: Examining the impact of access to sick leave on influenza incidence in the workplace (Abstract 266559)


Session 4212 - Pediatric and adolescent epidemiology 2

Featured presentation: Childhood influenza vaccination rates during 2009-2010 season: The impact of parental beliefs, attitudes, and knowledge (Abstract 267846)


Session 4278 - Translating social epidemiology into practice

Featured presentation: Impact of stressful life events on excessive alcohol consumption in the French population: 15 years of findings from the GAZEL cohort study (Abstract 260780)


Session 4308 - Fast food menus, marketing, and public policy: Can we get children and adolescents to eat healthy?

Featured presentation: Rating fast food by calories purchased: Is Subway healthier than McDonald's?  (Abstract 267650)


Session 4309 - Research, practice, and policy around sugar-sweetened beverage consumption

Featured presentation: A Comprehensive Examination of Total Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption in the US through Advanced


Session 4338 - Topics on preventive foot and ankle care

Featured presentation: Podiatrist Distribution in the US (Abstract 261672)


Session 4380 - Nursing home care and utilization

Featured presentation: Does nursing home quality regulation lead to better quality? (Abstract 257179)


Session 4388 - Evaluating community health planning, policy and advocacy efforts

Featured presentation: Estimating the reach of community interventions in the CDC's Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) and Community Transformation (CTG) programs (Abstract 265690)


Session 4309 - Research, Practice, and Policy Around Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption

Featured presentation: A Comprehensive Examination of Total Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption in the US through Advanced Methodology (Abstract 266926)



Session 4400 - Fast food menus, marketing, and public policy: Can we get children and adolescents to eat healthy?

Featured presentation: Food purchases and attitudes in response to toy giveaway legislation of adults and children at affected fast food restaurants in San Francisco, CA (Abstract 263417)


Session 4410 - Student paper competition

Featured presentation: Time Trends and Disparities in Access to Care for US Families  (Abstract 268653)


Session 4416 - Reproductive and sexual health for teens and young adults

Featured presentation: A population based study of sexual risk behaviors among sexually active adolescent females: A comparison of behaviorally bisexual to behaviorally heterosexual high school students in Massachusetts (Abstract 269500)



Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Session 5092 - Application of innovative approaches to health communication
Featured presentation: Where Online Meets Offline: Using Groups to Get People Vaccinated Against Influenza (Abstract 266706)


Session 5177 - Viral hepatitis

Featured presentation: Hospitalization costs associated with liver disease, liver cancer and liver transplants for patients infected with hepatitis B or hepatitis C, California 2010 (Abstract 271452)


Session 5194 - Teen pregnancy: Fostering health & prevention

Featured presentation: Pre-Teen Reading Ability: A Potential Predictor of Teen Pregnancy (Abstract 260709)


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