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APHA Expresses Deep Concern over House Budget Proposal

Statement by Georges C. Benjamin, MD, FACP, FACEP (E), executive director of APHA

Washington, D.C., April 5, 2011 – “The American Public Health Association is troubled by the House budget proposal released today that would undermine our nation’s commitment and approach to health.

“Through the Affordable Care Act, we are expanding access to care and increasing investments in prevention to protect health and save costs. This proposal would take us in the opposite direction.

“The proposed overhaul to the Medicaid program and drastic cuts to Medicare would deny countless Americans access to quality, affordable care they deserve and desperately need. We cannot afford to have these vital programs that have been instrumental in shaping our nation’s health system and assuring the health of the most vulnerable Americans be compromised for the sake of political maneuvering.

“We are also deeply concerned about efforts to defund the Affordable Care Act, a groundbreaking law that is ushering in a fundamental shift in the nation’s health system to emphasize disease prevention, health promotion and wellness. In addition the proposal calls for significant reductions in discretionary spending that could have significant negative impacts on critical public health programs. Any measure that erodes life-saving resources that will help reduce the burden of our country's most feared and deadly diseases such as obesity, heart disease and cancer would be a tremendous setback.

“We call on the House to swiftly oppose today’s proposal and to work to develop a bipartisan budget that makes protecting and improving the nation’s health a top priority.”

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