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Public health leaders gather in Washington, D.C., to address nation’s top health challenges at APHA Annual Meeting, Oct. 29-Nov. 2

Washington , D.C., October 10, 2011 – More than 13,000 public health professionals will meet in Washington, D.C., Oct. 29-Nov 2, to discuss today’s top health challenges facing the country and the pivotal role local communities play in preventing disease, promoting health and reducing health disparities at the American Public Health Association’s 139th Annual Meeting.

Hosted at the Washington Convention Center, the conference will feature some of the nation’s most influential health champions, researchers and practitioners presenting the latest public health science and trends at nearly a thousand sessions on significant public health issues, including implementation of the Affordable Care Act, public health impact of climate change, obesity, transportation and health, mental health disparities and other major health topics.

The 2011 Annual Meeting is themed “Healthy Communities Promote Healthy Minds and Bodies” and will focus on the importance of building strong, healthy and safe communities to achieve health and the challenges and opportunities for the public health community to ensure disease prevention and health promotion efforts reach all communities.

The opening session on Sunday will feature Tom Daschle, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader; Jonathan Jarvis, director of the National Park Service; and Pamela Hyde, administrator of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Reporters are encouraged to register by Oct. 21. After this date, reporters must register on site at the APHA Press Office in Room 305 of the Washington Convention Center. Information for press, including details regarding required credentials, is available here.

Abstracts are searchable on the online program. Final programs with session locations, along with daily highlights and other press materials, will be available on site at the APHA Press Office.

*All research is embargoed until 12:01 a.m. EDT on the day of presentation.*

Monday, October 31, 2011

Session 3184 - Food Marketing, Nutrition Education, and Dietary Counseling
Featured presentation: Sugar-Sweetened Websites: How the Soda Industry Targets Young People Online (Abstract 242506)

Session 3136 - The Biology, Marketing and Politics of Sugar-sweetened Beverages: How Communities can Protect Young People from a Significant Public Health Threat
Featured presentation: Youth-targeted sugar-sweetened beverage marketing in local communities (Abstract 251725)

Session 3362 - Adverse Drug Reactions: Extent of Public Health Risks

Featured presentation by Senator Bernie Sanders: S. 1137, The Medical Innovation Prize Fund Act: How De-linking R&D Incentives from Prices Will Deliver Safer, More Effective Drugs at Significantly Lower Prices (Abstract 253774)

Session 3002 - Alcohol's Burden on the Community
Featured presentation: Harm to others from alcohol: A review & conceptual analysis of the second-hand effects of alcohol (Abstract 238391)

Session 3065 - Promoting Active Living Through the Built Environment: Planning, Policy, and Evaluation
Featured presentation: Assessing the Statewide Environment for Pedestrians and Cyclists (Abstract 235015)

Session 3031 - The School Food Environment: A Closer Look at Competitive Foods and Beverages
Featured presentation: Milk consumption in schools offering plain milk only versus schools offering plain and flavored milk (Abstract 243568)

Session 3054 - Fostering Safe Communities: Mental Health and Wellness Among Youth
Featured presentation: Different Life-Domain Stressors and the Development of Violent Behaviors Among African Americans Transitioning into Adulthood (Abstract 240980)

Session 3132 - Vaccine Preventable Disease Epidemiology
Featured presentation: How many California children are exposed to high school-level rates of personal belief exemptions from childhood vaccines? (Abstract 244895)

Session 3155 - Maternal Influences on Child Health and Development
Featured presentation: Effect of maternal smoking during pregnancy on children's educational test performance (Abstract 241350)

Session 3205.1 - The Bars, Booze, and Butts: the Interplay of Alcohol and Tobacco
Featured presentation: Tobacco and Alcohol Use among Young Adults Attending Bars (Abstract 246532)

Session 3224 - Inter-Organizational Collaborations - Communities, Medical Schools & Local Health Departments
Featured presentation: Strategies to Integrate Population Health and Health Policy into Medical Education (Abstract 245171)

Session 3226 - Health Equity 2020
Featured presentation: Implementing Health Equity 2020 Through Healthy People 2020 at the Front-Line (Abstract 241187) Featuring: HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Howard Koh, John Auerbach, Paul Jarris, and Jonathan Fielding, among others.

Session 3256 - From Research to Practice in Construction: A New National Initiative
Featured presentation: Lifetime risk of occupational injuries and illnesses among construction workers (Abstract 236012)

Session 3264 - Parent and Peer Influence on Youth Health Behavior
Featured presentation: Demographic differences in the relationship between parents' television reduction behaviors and children's viewing time (Abstract 240216)

Session 3327 - Gender, migration, ethics, human rights, and their impacts on the health of communities of immigrants and refugees
Featured presentation: US Immigrants experiencing chronic health conditions: Prevalence of obesity, hypertension & diabetes among racial/ethnic populations (Abstract 247450)

Session 3369 - Abortion: Access, Barriers and Service Issues
Featured presentation: A Sociodemographic Profile of Second-Trimester Abortion Patients (Abstract 237659)

Session 3413 - Injury: Consequences of Alcohol Use
Featured presentation: Alcohol Brand Consumption and Injury in an Urban Emergency Room Population (Abstract 245835)

Session 3443 - Birth Centers and Midwifery: Improving Birth Outcomes for a Healthier Community

Featured presentation: Birth Centers - Needed now more than ever (Abstract 236175)

Session 3448 - War and Social Injustice: The Impact of Armed Conflicts on Communities
Featured presentation: Weapon Carrying, Physical Fighting and Gang Membership among Adolescents in Washington State Military Families (Abstract 243378)

Session 3310 - 2011 National Drug Control Strategy: A Public Health Approach
Keynote Speaker, the Honorable R. Gil Kerlikowske 

Session 3310 - 2011 National Drug Control Strategy: A Public Health Approach
Featured presentation: Role of prescription drugs in the United States substance abuse challenges (Abstract 254000)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

 Session 4077 - Moving health care reform beyond reproductive rights to reproductive justice
Featured presentations: Contraception is prevention: Successfully campaigning to make sure that women aren't left out of health reform (Abstract 244904)

Taking it to the states: Talking about reproductive justice in conservative states (Abstract 244844)

Session 4021.0 - Built Environment & Recession - Effect on Public health
Featured presentation: Mortgage Delinquency, Health Status, and Unmet Needs: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study (Abstract 244198)

Session 4022.0 - Transportation & Active Transport to Promote Healthy Communities
Featured presentation: Active Transport is Associated with Lower BMI in Adults with Low Levels of Non-Active-Transport-Related Physical Activity (Abstract 242617)

Session 4036.1 - Menu Labeling: Current Trends and Impact on Consumer Behavior
Featured presentation: Evaluating the Restaurant Industry's Response to California's New Menu Labeling Law (Abstract 243642)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Session 5096.1 - Winnable Battles
Featuring CDC Director Thomas Frieden, John Auerbach and Lillian Shirley

Session 5128.1 - A Community Approach to Address Traumatic Brain Injury in Sports and Recreation
Featuring a keynote address by Senator Tom Udall

Session 5171.0 - Epidemiology of adolescent health
Featured presentation: Reports of “sexting” from a regional census of high school students (Abstract 246534)

Session 5213 – Closing Session: The Case for Workplace Health and Safety: 100 Years After the Triangle Fire
Featuring OSHA Administrator David Michaels, among others

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