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Thousands of Top Public Health Experts to Discuss Health Reform Implementation and Other Major Health Issues at APHA Annual Meeting, Nov. 6-10

Washington , D.C., October 6, 2010 – More than 12,000 public health professionals will meet in Denver, Colo., Nov. 6-10, to address some of nation’s major health challenges, including the next phase of health reform implementation at the American Public Health Association’s 138th Annual Meeting.

The conference will feature the nation’s foremost health experts, researchers and practitioners presenting the latest public health science and trends at nearly a thousand sessions on significant public health issues, including health reform implementation, climate change, food marketing to children and health impacts of the economic recession among other major and emerging topics.

The 2010 Annual Meeting is themed “Social Justice: A Public Health Imperative” and will also explore why certain populations bear a disproportionate burden of disease and mortality and what the public health community can do to better address the causes of these inequities

The meeting kicks off Saturday, Nov. 6, with a groundbreaking daylong Summit on Health Reform designed to prepare and equip public health officials and agencies for effectively implementing the important provisions of the new health law and address key strategies around the next phase of implementation with a particular focus on the law’s impact on prevention, wellness and public health. The Summit will feature Howard Koh, MD, MPH, assistant secretary for health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Regina Benjamin, MD, MBA, U.S. surgeon general; and Ileana Arias, PhD, principal deputy director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The opening session on Sunday will feature Cornel West, PhD, professor at Princeton University, and Bill Jenkins, PhD, MPH, with the University of North Carolina Institute of African American Research and formerly with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where he helped end the infamous Tuskegee Study

Reporters are encouraged to register by Oct. 29, 2010. After this date, reporters must register on site at the APHA Press Office in Room 302 of the Colorado Convention Center. Information for press, including details regarding required credentials, is available at

The full Annual Meeting program and abstracts are available online at Final programs with session locations, along with daily highlights and other press materials, will be available on site at the APHA Press Office. All research is embargoed until the date of presentation.

Research highlights include:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Session 3000 – Moving along the policy continuum: Smoke-free homes

Featured presentation: Preventing involuntary exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke in multi-unit housing: Implementing smoke-free policies in low-income and public housing (Abstract #214828)

Session 3017 – Educational challenges: Public health, social justice and the chiropractic student

Featured presentation: Are patients receiving health promotion advice in the teaching clinic setting? An assessment of one teaching clinic (Abstract #215547)

Session 3045.0 - Translating research for community contexts 

Featured presentation: Electronic aggression among adolescent dating partners: Demographic correlates and associates with academic performance and other types of violence (Abstract #229575)

Session 3026 – Translating research for community contexts

Featured presentation: Cut It Out Cambridge: Engaging Community Hair Salons in Domestic Violence Prevention (Abstract #219630)

Session 3027 – Mapping and spatial analysis of the food environment

Featured Presentation: Grocery store location in an urban multiethnic community: Mapping the relations to food access, obesity and diabetes in an underserved community (Abstract #225040)

Session 3032 Access to care I

Featured presentation: Access to Healthcare Network: A Model Program to Expand Health Care Access to the Uninsured and Underinsured (Abstract #223530) 

Session 3033 - Health care reform I

Featured presentations:

          - Health Reform Challenges: Understanding Low-Income Massachusetts Residents Whom Remain Uninsured (Abstract #222096)

-Secrets of Massachusetts' success: Why 97 percent of state residents have health coverage (Abstract #228209)

Session 3048 - Influencing adolescent sexual risk-taking

Featured presentation: Parental interest in clinic-based computer education about adolescent preventive health (Abstract #226328)

Session 3061 - The un- and under-insured

Featured presentation: Impact of economic decline on community heath indicators (Abstract #216824)

Session 3092 - Practice-based teaching, research and service

Featured presentation: Engaging Public Health Students in Conversations About Differences, Social Determinants of Health, & ‘Learning to Walk in Others' Shoes' (Abstract #227340)

Session 3112 - Epidemiological research on health disparities

Featured presentation: Relationship between acculturation, health status, and health insurance (Abstract #217782)

Session 3116 - The food industry - exposing safety issues for food, water and the environment

Featured presentation: Consumers' perceptions about frozen entrees and microwave safety: Results from the FDA/FSIS 2010 Food Safety Survey (Abstract #221855)

Session 3117 – Targeting a vulnerable population: A current examination of food marketing to children and adolescents

Featured presentations:

-Beyond television commercials: Documenting the volume and scope of fast food marketing targeted to children and adolescents (Abstract #231893)

- Apple slices or french fries? The nutritional quality of food and beverage products promoted in fast food marketing to young people (Abstract #231918)

Session 3135 - Policy and financing of women's and children's health Featured presentation: Healthcare cost "trade-offs" with basic needs: Impact on maternal and child health in five cities (Abstract #226176)

Session 3136.2 – Health economics: Care costs & evaluations of interventions

Featured presentation: Effects of Economic Cycles and Job Insecurity on Depression in the U.S.: 1998-2007 (Abstract #228334)

Session 3139 - Making green jobs safe jobs

Featured presentation: Creation of Model Safety and Health Training for Green Jobs (Abstract #229554)

Session 3141 - Abortion access: a social justice issue

Featured presentation: Restoring public funding for abortion: A public health and social justice imperative (Abstract #223489) 

Session 3142 - Acceptability and uptake of HPV vaccination

Featured presentation: HPV vaccine uptake and completion: An analysis of data from the 2007 National Survey of Children's Health (Abstract #219969)

Session 3147 - Discrimination and bias: Social injustice in health care

Featured presentations:

-Examining health care discrimination among LGBT and HIV communities (Abstract #230016)

-Bridging the gap of healthcare service utilization disparities among intravenous drug users in Denver, Colorado (Abstract #230385)

Session 3228 - Health services research: Access to care

Featured presentation: Availability of dentists participating in Medicaid and SCHIP can impact access to dental care (Abstract #218714)

Session 3238 - Adolescent sex education

Featured presentation: Sexuality Education Assessment of Colorado School (Abstract #227089)

Session 3237 - Men's access to sexual and reproductive health services

Featured presentations:

          -Linking formerly incarcerated men to health care: A capacity building intervention at a prisoner re-entry program in East Harlem (Abstract #218161)

          -“Male-Friendly” sexual health promotion for low-income men of color: Lessons learned from a service-based research project at a community health center in Harlem (Abstract #223840)

Session 3282 – Alcohol taxes, prices & expenditures: The costs of drinking Featured presentation: Do changes in state cigarette prices impact current, binge, and heavy drinking? (Abstract #214501)


Session 3308 - Interventions focused on perpetrators of family violence Featured presentation: "Coaching boys into men": Addressing gender attitudes and bystander behavior among adolescent male athletes to reduce violence against women (Abstract #221100)

Session 3393 - Key issues in disability policy

Featured presentation: Disproportionate impact of the Great Recession on workers with disabilities (Abstract #229364)

Session 3416 – Health education and promotion in schools

Featured presentations:

          -Economic Evaluation of a School-Based Unintended Pregnancy Intervention for Underserved Preadolescents (Abstract #225977)

-Love Your Liver: Awakening the silent organ in students' minds (Abstract #226488)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Session 4020 - Summer in the city: Addressing health impacts and disparities posed by urban heat events

Featured presentation: Are residents of sprawling metropolitan regions more vulnerable to climate-induced health effects? (Abstract #221936)

Session 4027 - Consumer choices - food marketing, labeling and behavior Featured presentation: Relative Influence of Calorie Labeling and Behavioral Economic Nudges in Altering Fast Food Choice (Abstract #224718)

Session 4028 – Food access - the retail food environment

Featured presentations:

-Changing the Environment by Offering Healthy Restaurant Choices (Abstract #216236)

-Does SES influence healthy eating promotions in restaurants? (Abstract #223023)

Session 4093 – Nutrition during the school day - wellness policies and foods available in and around schools

Featured presentation: Examining a statewide law banning junk food and beverage marketing in Maine high schools (Abstract #216880)

Session 4102 -- National initiatives to address community violence

Featured presentation: Healthy People, Healthy Places: Building community capacity to improve health and safety (Abstract #227994)

Session 4272 - Epidemiology of adolescent health

Featured presentation: Hyper-texting and hyper-networking: A new health risk category for teens? (Abstract #224927)

Session 4309 – Cancer prevention and screening in risk populations

Featured presentation: Are Women Getting Mammograms Anyway? Utilization Based on a National Commercial Health Insurer Database (Abstract #224416)

Session 4357 - Protecting our waters: Analysis of water policy

Featured presentation: An analysis of industrial water pollution in the United States: Why policy level change is needed (Abstract #222336)

Session 4361 - National efforts to promote healthy foods and eating behaviors
Featured presentations:

-State Indicator Report on Fruits and Vegetables, 2009: Development, Overview, and Evaluation (Abstract #218156)

-A Comprehensive Policy Approach for Improving Access to Healthy Food and Advancing Social Justice (Abstract #224354)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Session 5026 – The disproportionate burden and targeting of menthol cigarettes to minorities, women and youth: National datasets to build the evidence base
Featured presentations:

-Adult Smokers and General Public Attitudes and Perceptions about Menthol Cigarettes – United States, 2009 (Abstract #214890)  

-Racial/ethnic differences in menthol cigarette smoking, prevalence of smoking cessation, and utilization of evidence-based tobacco cessation treatments (Abstract #217438)

Session 5097 - Policy and systems strategies for reducing health disparities and improving cancer control

Featured presentation: Pay-for-performance system demonstrates cost savings and improves quality of services delivered in a public health breast and cervical cancer screening program (Abstract #218790)

Session 5105 - Interventions to increase physical activity and improve weight management

Featured presentation: Fit Families: Preventing obesity by engaging families, WIC Program staff, and community partners to improve children's nutrition and physical activity habits (Abstract #219527)

Session 5127 - Promoting adolescent sexual health

Featured presentation: HPV vaccine: An opportunity for mother-daughter communication about sexual health (Abstract #218864)

Session 5156 – Reaching consumers - nutrition information though labeling and health claims

Featured presentation: A new take on calorie labeling: Does presenting energy equivalent information change behavior? (Abstract #225742)




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