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Thousands of Public Health Experts to Address Leading Issues at APHA Annual Meeting, Nov. 7-11

Washington , D.C., October 29, 2009 – More than 10,500 public health professionals will meet in Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 7-11, to address the nation’s top public health challenges at the American Public Health Association’s 137th Annual Meeting.


The conference will feature leading experts, researchers and practitioners presenting the latest public health science at nearly a thousand sessions on significant public health issues, including H1N1 influenza, health reform and climate and health. Themed "Water and Public Health: The 21st Century Challenge,” the meeting will also explore water as the single most important environmental cause of poor health and how access to safe water is a growing concern across the globe. 


The meeting kicks off Sunday, Nov. 8, with opening remarks by “oceanaut” Céline Cousteau, Dr. Mirta Roses Periago, director of the Pan American Health Organization, and Lisa Jackson, administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It will close Wednesday, Nov. 11, with speakers Dr. Howard Koh, assistant secretary for health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Yvette Roubideaux, director of the Indian Health Service and Dr. Mary Wakefield, administrator of the Health Resources and Services Administration. In between, more than 900 scientific sessions will provide the most up-to-date public health research reflecting the broad impact of the field on our lives.


Reporters are encouraged to register by Oct. 30. After this date, reporters must register on site at the APHA Press Office in Room 302 of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Information for press is available at


The full Annual Meeting program and abstracts are available online at Final programs with session locations, along with daily highlights and other press materials, will be available on site at the APHA Press Office. All research is embargoed until the date of presentation.


Research highlights include:

Monday, November 9, 2009


Session 3027.0 – Drinking Water: Source-to-tap Public Health Aspects

Featured presentation: Epidemiologic trends in outbreak reporting and emerging public health challenges associated with drinking water in the United States (Abstract# 211246)


Session 3030.0 – Analysis of Strategies Involving Food and Social Marketing

Featured presentation: Food marketing report card: An analysis of industry's policies on food marketing to children (Abstract #195603)


Session 3045.0 - Adolescent Health and Physical Development

Featured presentation: Association between teens' sports participation and likelihood of engaging in dangerous or unhealthy behaviors (Abstract # 205491)


Session 3057.0 – Environmental Health

Featured presentation: A survey of physician knowledge and attitudes regarding climate change and health (Abstract # 197944)


Session 3066.0 – Emerging Infections: Perspectives on Zoonotic Diseases Plus Monitoring and Surveillance Activities

Featured Presentation: Pandemic Influenza: What is it? What can we do to prepare? (Abstract # 2000402)


Session 3095.0 –Under the Radar: Exposing and countering tobacco marketing strategies

Featured presentation: Smoking is so hot: Portrayal of women smoking in reality tv (Abstract #206828) 


Session 3119.0 - MRSA and Antibiotic Use in Animal Agriculture: An Emerging Health Threat Down on the Farm

Featured presentation: Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in Midwestern U.S. swine and swine workers (Abstract #211483)


Session 3120.0 - Chronic Disease Epidemiology

Featured presentation: Killing ourselves slowly: The impact of behaviorally linked mortality on population health (Abstract #208455)


Session 3121.0 - Water and Public Health from an Epidemiological Perspective

Featured presentation: Injuries Associated with Pool Chemicals — United States, 2007 (Abstract #208651)


Session 3122.0 - Potpourri: Demonstrating the Diversity of Topics in Epidemiology

Feature presentations:

-         Physicians' Self-reported Treatment and Monitoring for Children and Adolescents with Major Depressive Disorder (Abstract #207855)

-         CDC's Integrated Vaccine Surveillance System: Active surveillance for pandemic influenza preparedness (Abstract #200081)


Session 3136.0 - Community-Level Interventions to Prevent and Control Street Violence

Featured presentation: Building Strong Community Leaders: Working to Prevent Youth Violence in Philadelphia through a Focus on Leadership Skills Development (Abstract #203445)


Session 3150.0 – A Global view of contraceptive choices

Featured session: Pill, Patch, Ring, DMPA – Regardless of the Method - Low One-year Continuation among Young Method Starters (Abstract # 197135)


Session 3156.0 - Sexual and Reproductive Health

Featured presentation: Sexual health disparities in a national sample of US college students (Abstract #207507)


Session 3191.0  - Banning butts: The environmental case for eliminating tobacco waste

Featured presentation: Toxic environmental waste caused by cigarette butts and filters (Abstract #203605) 


Session 3217.0  - Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Featured presentation: If you ask them, will they come? Predictors of quarantine compliance during a hypothetical avian flu epidemic: Results from a statewide probability survey (Abstract #198165)


Session 3224.0 - Hormones added to our water and food systems: What are the (cumulative) risks?


Session 3237.0 - Beyond the Medical Model: Assessing risks for fetal infant mortality

Featured presentation: Building a healthy baby: Neighborhood structural deterioration and birth health outcomes (Abstract #195360)


Session 3252.0 - The Food Environment and Childhood Obesity

Featured session: How do parents of preschoolers shop and prepare food for their children? (Abstract #201406)


Session 3262.0 – Increasing access to abortion care

Featured presentation: What a difference a day makes: Undue burden of the 24-hour waiting period (Abstract #209298)


Session 3306.0 – What’s Up with Sun Safety?: Trends and Correlates of Sun Protective Behaviors

Featured presentation: Prevalence of sunscreen use and related behaviors among adults in the United States: Results from a national survey (Abstract #210400)


Session 3351.0 - Abortion from the clinician's perspective

Featured presentation: Seeing it: A descriptive analysis of ultrasound viewing practices in the abortion context (Abstract # 204708)


Session 3352.0 - What's Sex Got To Do With It?

Featured presentation: Language of love?: Verbal versus implied consent at first sexual intercourse and implications for sexual health (Abstract #203248)


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Session 4010.1 Pandemic (H1N1) 2009: Lessons learned from collective response in the Americas

Featured presentation: Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Regional Situation (Abstract # 213377)


Session 4024.0 - Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections

Featured presentation: Differences in sexually transmitted diseases among adults with and without disabilities (Abstract # 196507)


Session 4037.0 – Water and law

Featured presentation: Battle over bottled water (Abstract # 195945)


Session 4041.0 - ICEHS Special Session: Water-related Injuries

Featured presentations:

-         Swimming related injuries among children age 0-9 years treated in emergency departments, NEISS-AIP 2001-2006 (Abstract #194763)

-         Fatalities Related to Flash Floods Arising from Thunderstorms (Abstract #209110)


Session 4042.0 – Emerging Infectious Diseases including Avian & Pandemic Influenza


Session 4049.0 - Policy and Financing of Women's and Children's Health

Featured presentation: Lost Children: An exploration of the Medicaid/SCHIP expansions and child mortality (Abstract #206076)


Session 4057.0 - Adolescent Pregnancy Intentions

Featured presentation: Unintended pregnancy among unmarried sexually active female college students in the US (Abstract #193352)


Session 4132.0 – Deregulation Disasters and Subprime Public health: Swine flu and deregulation in food, water, healthcare and banking

Featured presentation: Swine Flu, CAFO's and the Salmonella peanut death recall: NAFTA, non-regulation and EPA self-regulation--More disasters on the wing? (Abstract #211625)


Session 4135.0 - Public Health Strategies to Address Trade and Trade Policy

Featured presentation: Free to choose? Safe water, cheap water, and the liberalization of trade in water services (Abstract # 202094)


Session 4175.0 - Student Assembly Special Session: The Economy & Public Health

Featured presentation: Social and cultural implications of the economic stimulus package: Health provisions and disease prevention programs (Abstract # 198569)


Session 4199.0 - Vitamin D and Health: Meeting Adequate Intake

Featured presentation: Pediatrician failure to follow the AAP's 2003 vitamin D guidelines in infants (Abstract #200370)


Session 4200.0 - Informed Choices: The Impact of Nutrition Labeling

Featured presentation: Positive Impact of Menu Labeling on Food Choices and Intake (Abstract #199945)


Session 4216.0 - Ethnic & Racial Disparities: Clinical Care and Socioeconomic Status

Featured presentation: Rural/urban, racial/ethnic, and socioeconomic disparities in bariatric surgery for morbid obesity (Abstract # 1999485)


Session 4225.0 – Reproductive and Sexual Health Rights: Global and Domestic Issues

Featured presentation: Finding common ground on disability and reproductive autonomy: Analysis of a federal bill on prenatal genetic testing (Abstract #204378)


Session 4255.0 – Money talks: The price of cigarettes and the costs of smoking

Featured presentation: What are the characteristics of teens who buy cigarettes versus those who get them for free? (Abstract # 205106)


Session 4285.0 – Unique Approaches in Obesity Prevention and School Wellness Policies

Featured presentation: Tipping the scales: Using the law to further childhood obesity prevention policy (Abstract # 194605)


Session 4325.0 – The Experiences of Incarcerated Women: Implications for Intervention and Re-entry

Featured presentation: Use of Shackels and Restraints of Pregnant Incarcerated Women During Delivery (Abstract #192430)


Session 4373.0 – HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment

Featured presentation: Need to Improve Routine HIV Testing of U.S. Veterans: Results of an Internet Survey (Abstract # 204688)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Session 5027.0 – Concern for the future: Adolescents, addiction and its consequences

Featured presentation: Relationship between depression and the initiation of marijuana use among adolescents aged 12-17 in the United States (Abstract #204119)


Session 5035.0 – Healthy People, Healthy Homes, Healthy Neighborhoods

Featured presentation: Home foreclosure and health: A case-control study in Philadelphia (Abstract #204119)


Session 5059.0 - Synergisms of Substance Use and Mental Health

Featured presentation: State-level discrimination policies: Environmental risk factors for psychiatric morbidity in LGB populations (Abstract #195495)


Session 5064.0 – Health Services Research

Featured presentation: Prescription Medication Sharing's Impact on Patient Health and Patient-Provider Relationships (Abstract #196415)


Session 5076.0 - Internet and Information-seeking

Featured presentation: Internet information seeking behavior of television medical drama viewers (Abstract #208630)


Session 5104.0 - Meat Matters: Effects of Industrial Meat Production on Human & Environmental Health

Featured presentations:

-         Recipe for Disaster? Industrial Farm Animal Production, Water Usage, and Climate Change (Abstract #195906)

-         Genetically engineered animals in agriculture: Trait selection and public health (Abstract #194943)

-         Filthy Feed: The Risky and Unregulated Practice of Feeding Poultry Litter to Cattle (Abstract #206039)


Session 5105.0 - Examining Food and Water Systems

Featured presentation: Poisoned fruit: The rising consumption and waning regulation of imported produce (Abstract #200405)


Session 5129.0 - Family Structure, Communication and Health

Featured presentation: Where does bullying take place among adolescents when they are at school? (Abstract #207193)


Session 5158.0 - New Perspectives in Breastfeeding Promotion

Featured presentation: Association between maternal pre-pregnancy BMI and breastfeeding initiation rates among WIC program participants (Abstract #196746)


Session 5160.0 – End of Life Issues

Featured presentation: End-of life care for older adults: Hospital deaths, bedside decisions, and lessons learned from a mixed methods approach (Abstract #196844)


Session 5170.0 - LGBT Youth: Research, Policy, and Health Outcomes


Session 5186.0 - Risks Behaviors in Adolescent Health

Featured presentation: Sports participation and alcohol-related risk behaviors in a national, multi-wave sample of adolescents (Abstract #199399)

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