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Newly Revised Manual Updates Methods to Test and Detect Safety Hazards in Milk Products

Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products
17th Edition
Edited by H. Michael Wehr, PhD, and Joseph H. Frank, PhD

Washington, D.C., Sept. 23, 2004 - The preeminent source of information in the field of testing the safety of dairy products in the United States, Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products, now features new methods to test milk and other dairy foods for harmful organisms.

The new 17th edition of the landmark book is designed for regulatory, industry and commercial laboratories that need to assess the safety and quality of dairy products. The focus of SMEDP is on tests for hidden attributes in milk and dairy products that can only be detected by laboratory procedures. These include test methods and procedures that may be applied routinely for the laboratory evaluation of products and complex nonroutine methods, such as those for foodborne pathogens and vitamin content analysis.

“SMEDP is a practical, working reference for the analytical laboratory,” said the book’s editors, H. Michael Wehr, PhD, special assistant to the director in the office of constituent operations at U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Food Safety and Nutrition, and Joseph F. Frank, PhD, a professor in the department of food science and technology at the University of Georgia. “It is a compendium of microbiological, chemical and physical methods for analyzing dairy foods and dairy food substitutes, and is designed to be used by laboratories that need to assess the safety of dairy products as well as those performing quality assurance functions.”

The edition includes chapters on methods for detecting food-borne pathogens in milk, microbiological tests specific for groups of dairy products, and chemical and physical analytical methods. Chapter 5 features new and updated instrumentation in the field of chemical and physical testing. Chapter 4 has also been significantly revised to focus on media preparation.

An aim of SMEDP is to provide a system for the uniform testing of dairy products that will become a critical component of both government and industry analytical programs.

The presentation of methods in SMEDP is designed to foster uniformity by providing sufficient information on key test procedures, so that analysts have a clear set of procedures when performing each method.

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