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New Health Communications Book Published

Communicating Public Health Information Effectively: A Guide for Practitioners
Edited by David E. Nelson, MD, MPH; Ross C. Brownson, PhD;
Patrick L. Remington, MD, MPH; and Claudia Parvanta, PhD

Washington, DC, December 2002 - Public health practitioners are often called upon to communicate complex information to a variety of audiences, yet they receive little formal training in communicating with non-scientists. A new book published by the American Public Health Association attempts to bridge the communication gap by providing public health practitioners with a comprehensive approach to communicating public health information.

Communicating Public Health Information Effectively: A Guide for Practitioners provides public health professionals with valuable information on speaking to and developing materials appropriate for nonscientific audiences. The authors give practical advice and real-world examples of communication in many situations, from one-on-one meetings to working through the mass media and Internet.

"In order to compete in this increasingly competitive and complex environment, those of us in public health must make the science and art of communication as integral a part of our everyday activities as the science of epidemiology and disease control," Jeffrey P. Koplan, MD, MPH, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, writes in the foreword to Communicating Public Health Information Effectively. "I believe this book provides an important first step towards that end."

Chapters include:

  • Translating Public Health Data
  • Communicating Public Health Information to the News Media
  • Communicating Public Health Information to Policy Makers
  • Written Communication
  • Oral Presentations
  • Electronic Communication


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