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Publications Board

The Publications Board is one of APHA's most active working groups, which oversees all books developed and published through APHA. Each board member represents a defined area of public health expertise. New Publications Board members must be active APHA members with demonstrated abilities in the development and marketing of scientific and policy publications and an interest in helping APHA expand its publications list. There are substantial assignments between meetings. Each board member acts as a liaison to one or more book projects each year and is also involved in reading and evaluating numerous book proposals for their applicability to APHA's overall strategic plan. The term for members of the Publications Board is three years. There are two physical meetings of the board and at least two conference calls.

Contact Information 2014

Burton W. Wilcke, PhD

Chair, Dept. of Medical Lab. & Radiation Sciences

University of Vermont

302 Rowell Bldg

106 Carrigan Dr

Burlington, VT 05405-0525

Staff Liaison

Brian Selzer, Publications Editor, 202-777-2464