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Leader Spotlight

Michael BirdName:  Michael Bird, MSW, MPH
Leader Position:  APHA Past President
Member Since: 1984
Current Employer:  Self-Employed

My APHA Indigenous Leadership Story
My story with APHA started in 1984 with the New Mexico Public Health Association. There had been little to no outreach by the affiliate with the American Indian Community so  I joined the  affiliate to address this issue and to explore potential opportunities for all communities. I served in a number of  positions with the state affiliate and eventually  became President of the New Mexico Public Health Association. I also got more involved with APHA..... Read More>>


Name:  Susan Radius, PhD, MCHES
Leader Position:   Past Executive Board Chair
Member Since: 1976
Current Employer:  Towson University

Like many others in APHA, my path to an Association leadership position was not straightforward. And definitely was not expected. I joined APHA as a graduate student. My advisor was only peripherally involved in the Association. He nonetheless encouraged my membership, thinking that my particular interests were well-served by APHA and that the Association also offered opportunities for scholarly growth. Aside from presenting at the Annual meeting, I was uninvolved in APHA...... <<Read More>>


Name:  Darren Mays, PhD, MPH
Leader Position: Past Student Assembly Chair
Member Since: 2004
Current Employer: Georgetown University 

I became involved in APHA leadership as a graduate student at the Emory University Rollins School of Public Health. As an MPH student at Emory, my advisor and master’s thesis committee chair Jay Bernhardt, PhD, MPH, encouraged me to become involved in APHA as a student leader. Dr. Bernhardt, who himself was one of the founders of the APHA Student Assembly (then the Public Health Student Caucus), has filled several leadership roles in APHA since this time and was highly influential in encouraging me to become a leader as student and in mentoring me throughout the process...... <<Read More>> 


Name:  Amy Carroll-Scott, PhD, MPH
Leader Position:  Community Health Planning & Policy Development Immediate Past Chair
Member Since: 1996
Current Employer:  Drexel School of Public Health

My APHA experience starts with a mentor, as do most.  I was lucky enough to find out about APHA in my very first job out of college, working as a research assistant at the UC San Francisco Institute for Health Policy Studies for Carol Korenbrot, who was then the Program Chair for the Maternal and Child Health Section. In fact, I still feel lucky to have even found out about the field of public health at that point, as I was a pre-med major in a very biomedical and not very public health-focused university. And so I was a sponge at UCSF, soaking up everything I could about the field of public health, ...... <<Read More>>


Name:  Victor W. Sidel, MD
Leader Position: APHA Past President
Member Since: 1964
Current Employer: Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine

I began in APHA and then joined my state affiliate. In the early 1960’s I was at Massachusetts General Hospital, beginning to work in public health and preventive medicine. A colleague advised that if I wanted to learn about public health I should become an APHA member. So I did. I also joined my state affiliate, the Massachusetts Public Health Association. In 1969, I moved from Massachusetts to New York to become head of social medicine at Montefiore. At that time I shifted my allegiances from MPHA to the Public Health Association of New York City (PHANYC)...... <<Read More>>