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Leadership Appointment

One of the responsibilities of the Executive Board is to appoint the members and designate the chair and vice chair to the Association's boards and committees. Following the Annual Meeting, in the first issue of The Nation’s Health, a call for nominations is made. The appointments are made by the president-elect and the executive director and presented to the Executive Board for its approval.

How do I submit my nomination?
Email completed nomination materials to APHA, during the application period.

Submissions are closed

Who can I nominate?
In developing your nominations, think about those individuals with whom you have
served in your Affiliate, Section, Board, Caucus or Committee. Confer with other members of your group, and try to ascertain that your prospective nominee is willing to accept the nomination. Many of the APHA boards and committee have an extensive time commitment; please verify that your applicant is available to do the committee work required.

The completed APHA nominations form should be filled out and submitted to APHA with a letter of support via e-mail by the deadline. There are varying terms of service on these boards and or committees and will commence at the close of the Annual Meeting.

For more information, please contact Deborah Dillard.


For information on Executive Board Nominations see the "Nominations Committee" page.