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ISC Steering Committee Election Information

2013 ISC Steering Committee Election Information

The ISC Nominating Committee has met and reviewed the candidate’s nomination forms submitted for the ISC Steering Committee. Below you will find the 2013 ISC Steering Committee ballot. An email with the link to vote has been sent to ISC members. Although this message has been sent to the entire ISC, it is the responsibility of the 2013 Chair to submit the Section's vote after there is agreement among the 2013 Chair-Elect, 2013 Chair, and the 2013 Immediate Past-Chair. Please review and rank order the candidates (#1 is the Section's first choice and #6 is the section's last choice for the Steering Committee position).
The three top candidates will be the winners. As you are selecting your three candidates, please remember that you are choosing leaders that will guide the future of the ISC and each Section. The members elected this year to the Steering Committee will be liaisons to 4-5 Sections/SPIGs (including their own) and responsible for reporting concerns/suggestions to the ISC Steering Council on monthly conference calls.

One of the three will be elected as the ISC Chair-Elect for 2015.
That individual will be ISC Chair in 2016 and sit as an voting member on the APHA Executive Board.
Again, the link to the ballot has been emailed separately. Once your section has decided on the ranking of the candidates -please have your current Chair complete the ballot. 


Candidate Statements (listed alphabetically)

Name: Amy Carroll-Scott, 2013 CHPPD Immediate Past Chair

Section: Community Health Planning & Policy Development

Years of Leadership in APHA and State Affiliate (if applicable): 16 years

Position(s) held in APHA and State Affiliate (if applicable):

1997-1998   Graduate Student Representative to the Section Council, Maternal and Child Health Section

2005-2006   Student Assembly Liaison to Community Health Planning and Policy Development Section

2005-2007   Section Councilor, Community Health Planning and Policy Development Section

2006-2008   Founding member and Chair, Student Committee, Community Health Planning and Policy Development Section

2006-2008   Governing Councilor, Community Health Planning and Policy Development Section

2008-2010   Chair-Elect, Community Health Planning and Policy Development Section

2010-2012   Chair, Community Health Planning and Policy Development Section

2012-2014   Immediate Past Chair, Community Health Planning and Policy Development Section


Candidate Statement

Dr. Carroll-Scott’s research focuses on the social and contextual

determinants of persistent health disparities and the application

of community-based participatory research methods to

understanding and eliminating such disparities. She recently

joined Drexel School of Public Health, Department of Community

Health Sciences, where her work will focus on determining the

impact of neighborhood revitalization initiatives in West

Philadelphia and enhancing community capacity to create

change. Prior to Drexel, Amy was at the Yale School of Public

Health where her work with the Yale Community Alliance for

Research and Engagement centered on the impact of multi

sectoral, community-based chronic disease prevention

interventions and policies on the health status of New Haven

residents and healthier neighborhood and school environments.

Amy received her doctoral degree from the UCLA School of Public

Health, where she was a Chancellor's Fellow and a trainee of the

California Center for Population Research.


Amy has been an engaging leader of the CHPPD Section for 10 years in various capacities. While Chair from 2010-2012, she founded the annual CHPPD Community Action where members serve a local community in the host city at the annual conference. Amy knows APHA well, and is eager to serve on the Intersectional Council to represent CHPPD, continue to contribute to APHA, and to support the important work being done by all of its Sections. One area to which Amy would like to contribute is enhanced collaboration between Sections with overlapping interests on projects such as fundraising, Annual Meeting activities, student and community worker scholarships, and white papers.


Name: Martha Dewey Bergren, 2013 SHES Chair

Section: School Health Education & Services

Years of Leadership in APHA and State Affiliate (if applicable): 8 years

Position(s) held in APHA and State Affiliate (if applicable):

2005-2009:  Governing Councilor
2009-2011:  Section Chair-Elect
2010-2013:  Conference Program Planner
2011-2013:  Section Chair

Candidate Statement
I earned a BS at Penn State and a master’s and doctorate at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. I am a fellow in both National Association of School Nurses and American School Health Association and will be inducted as Fellow into the American Academy of Nursing in October 2013. I was NASN Director of Research (2008–2011). I am currently Director of the University of Illinois-Chicago College of Nursing’s Advanced Community Health Programs and lead faculty for Johnson & Johnson’s School Health Leadership Program. I have worked in pediatric, public health and school settings, both private and public, rural and urban. My expertise includes nursing, school health, leadership, population health, outcome measures, and informatics. I was honored to be invited to testify in the Community, Public Health, Primary Care and Long Term Care Forum at the RWJF and Institute of Medicine Initiative on the Future of Nursing.

My background as a leader in a small inter-professional section, School Health Education and Services, complements the experiences of ISC Steering Committee members. I bring the perspective of small group of dedicated public health professionals who operate section business, execute a substantial program of scientific sessions, recruit members, and fulfill section representation on various APHA committees and councils with minimal resources. APHA uniquely represents and brings together public health professionals in all sectors and disciplines to achieve health globally, where people live, learn, work and play. I want to contribute to APHA’s challenge as a member of the ISC Steering Committee.


Name: Lene' Levy-Storms, 2013 A&PH Chair

Section: Aging & Public Health

Years of Leadership in APHA and State Affiliate (if applicable): 23 years

Position(s) held in APHA and State Affiliate (if applicable):

Governing Councilor, American Public Health Association, Gerontological Health Section, 2007-2009

Program Chair, Gerontological Health Section, American Public Health Association, 2001-2005

Chair-Elect, American Public Health Association, Gerontological Health Section, 2009-11

Chair, American Public Health Association, Aging & Public Health Section, 2011-13

Candidate Statement
Being involved with the A&PH Section and APHA has been increasingly rewarding. I have always been proud to be a public health scholar, but being a part of APHA makes me motivated to collaborate with others to make public health the best it can be. With each A&PH position, I have learned more about my colleagues and APHA as an organization. I better appreciate how interdisciplinary and diverse our interests are, which together create a foundation for broad public health influence. The other aspect of public health that I have learned more about is policy, and APHA has opened my eyes as to how to create not only effective policy but also policy that the broad base APHA supports.


What are the nominee’s area(s) of expertise 

Interpersonal communication, aging, older adults, long-term care, caregiving, dementia, health promotion, behavior change, mixed methods


What would you like to accomplish as an ISC Steering Committee member?
My main goal would be to enhance the ISC Steering Committee’s ability to synergize all APHA sections through the ISC. For example, I thought the idea to have a joint/intersection symposium added to the annual meeting program was great, so I would support continuing this annually. Also, in my first year as chair of A&PH, I convened a conference call that December for all section chairs to build in the previous summer’s chair-elect meeting. On the call, we shared what our visions were for our sections during our terms as well as anticipated challenges. We gave each other feedback. As an ISC steering committee member, I would encourage conference calls like this about two times per year for not only chairs but other elected and non-elected chairs talking about their respective roles, visions, and challenges. In essence, such efforts would increase the cross-section talk, familiarity, understanding, and likely lead to further collaborations on policy development/modification, co-planned annual meeting sessions, and networking. One of APHA’s major strengths besides its number of members is its scope and number of sections. However, like academia and government agencies, we often work in silos and do not know enough about what the other disciplines/agencies are doing. These ideas should give some insight into my vision as an ISC Steering Committee member. APHA can be more than the sum of its sections, if it effectively motivates and facilitates their synergy.


Name: Heather A. McCabe, 2013 Law Chair

Section: Law

Years of Leadership in APHA and State Affiliate (if applicable): 7 years

Position(s) held in APHA and State Affiliate (if applicable):

Program Chair
Health Law SPIG
Section Chair

Candidate Statement
I am excited about the possibility of serving APHA by sitting on the ISC Steering Committee. I believe that through section and affiliate collaboration we can better engage our membership and have an even more powerful voice in public health policy. I have been in an active leadership role with APHA for the last 7 years, first as Program Chair for the Law SPIG, then as the Chair of the SPIG as it moved in to section status. The Law Section has actively worked to increase collaboration with other sections. We have increased co-sponsorship of scientific sessions and worked to be accessible to those open to working with us. In addition, I have been fortunate to work with the Indiana affiliate on different projects and see the value in these collaborations and how they can help us build member involvement and engagement.

I would appreciate the opportunity to work on the Steering Committee to continue to build solid collaborations and strengthen member engagement, which continue to make APHA a vital voice in public health.

Heather A. McCabe, JD, MSW is an Assistant Professor at Indiana University School of Social Work. Her work is at the intersection of social work, law, and public health with emphasis on interprofessional collaboration and social determinants of health. 


Name: Jeff Todd, 2013 VC Immediate Past Chair

Section: Vision Care

Years of Leadership in APHA and State Affiliate (if applicable): 10 years

Position(s) held in APHA and State Affiliate (if applicable):

Section Councilor
Section Chair
Immediate Past Chair

Candidate Statement
Having been connected to APHA for roughly a decade now, with affiliations with the Vision Care Section, the Maternal and Child Health Section, and the LGBT Caucus, I am interested in bringing my background and skills to work on behalf of a broader contingent of APHA.

I bring with me a breadth of organizational experiences having worked in government, non-profit, and for-profit environments. Beginning my career in the Governor's Office of the State of Indiana, I coordinated a statewide community development initiative focused on substance abuse prevention. I then moved to a position with the Center for Youth as Resources, coordinating field operations for this national organization focused on positive youth development. Prior to Prevent Blindness America, I managed the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center, a comprehensive resource of various federal government agencies, coordinated through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What are the nominee’s area(s) of expertise?
My areas of expertise are strategic planning, organizational development, public policy advocacy, and program development.

What would you like to accomplish as an ISC Steering Committee member?
I would hope to contribute to an increase of cross-section collaboration within APHA.


Name: John C. Williams, 2013 HA Chair

Section: Health Administration

Years of Leadership in APHA and State Affiliate (if applicable): 19 years

Position(s) held in APHA and State Affiliate (if applicable):

Section Chair
Section Councilor
Governing Councilor

Candidate Statement
My career experiences in both private and public health, as well as my formal training in public health and business administration, have equipped me with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to effectively communicate with decision-makers at the federal, state, and local levels. As a practitioner, I have a deep understanding of both urban and rural public health issues. As a researcher, I have the scientific knowledge of public health and healthcare issues, trends, and projections to effect change. A position on the ISC Steering Committee will enable me to bridge theory with practice as I move forward carrying out our mission of public and affordable healthcare in all communities.

My goals as a member of the ISC Steering Committee compliment my goals as HA Section Chair: Engage and collaborate with our three critical partners: Academia, Practitioners and Students. Establish an Academic Health Department, tasked to fuse theoretical and scientific efforts, prevailing medical practices, and community challenges. Expand our role in gathering or developing the empirical data needed to create more effective health care practices. Advocate for local and national policies that improve the quality of and access to healthcare. Develop leadership within our ranks, capable of collaboration with our affiliates, effecting change in our communities and empowering our members. Develop sensible and sustainable practices to meet fiscal challenges today and in the future.