Task Force on Association Improvement and Reorganization (TFAIR)

Task Force Philosophy: Transparency, Fairness, Accessibility, Inclusiveness, Respect.

The overall goal of TFAIR is to collect, compile and analyze information about the Association's strengths and areas for improvement and to propose steps for improving the organization that build on our strengths while addressing our weaknesses.

All of the reports below require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

TFAIR administered an electronic bulletin board to collect feedback from APHA members on areas of the Association that are strong and those that need improvement. These member postings are available below along with a Report summarizing the findings from the member postings and an Executive Summary of the Report.

Staff Liaison:  Ida Plummer:  ida.plummer@apha.org


TFAIR Final Report 10-25-08

TFAIR Report 2007

TFAIR Report 2005

TFAIR Report 2003

Member Bulletin Board Postings

TFAIR Report on the Board Postings

Executive Summary of the TFAIR Report