Governing Council 2013 Annual Meeting Materials

October 31 and November 1, 2013

General Information

Governing Council Schedule at a Glance

Please use the following link to access the Proposed Policy Statements.

Session I

3.0 Agenda
4.0 Governing Council Meeting Minutes
5.0 Report of the Nominations Committee
6.0 Candidates Forum

7.0 Report of the Executive Director

8.0 Report of the Executive Board
8.1 Report of the President
8.2 Report of the Chair
8.3 Report of the Treasurer

8.4  Report on Joint Membership Pilot
9.0 Report of the Committee on Bylaws
10.0 Election of the Nomination Committee
11.0 Annual Meeting Program Emphasis 2015

12.0 Board and Committee Reports
12.1 Report of the Intersectional Council
12.2 Report of the Council of Affiliates
12.3 Report of the Action Board
12.4 Report of the AJPH Editorial Board
12.5 Report of the Education Board
12.6 Report of the Publications Board
12.7 Report of the Science Board
12.8 Report of the Equal Health Opportunity Committee
12.9 Report of the International Human Rights Committee
12.10 Report of the Committee on Membership
12.11 Report of the Nation's Health Advisory Committee
12.12 Report of the Committee on Women's Rights
12.13 Executive Board Minutes

Session II
4.0 2015 Annual Meeting Theme
5.0 Bylaws Report Changes

Session III
4.0 Every Member Campaign
6.0 Policy Development Process
6.3 Policy Workgroup-Evidence Framework