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February 9, 2006


Rod Lew, Chair
Alba Cruz
Dot Nary
Randy Rowel
Leland Yee

APHA Staff (not on call): Monica Lathan

Discussion Items

  • Welcome of Members: Members were welcomed to the first EHOC call of 2006 and introduced themselves.
  • Summary from EHOC Meetings at APHA: Rod reviewed the highlights of the EHOC meetings that took place at the 2005 APHA annual meeting including the two EHOC meetings and the EHOC Session. The EHOC session featured a dynamic panel and was well attended. The EHOC meetings focused on the revised EHOC report to the Governing Council and planning for 2006 EHOC activities.
  • Action Items
    • Policy Resolution Review: The deadline for submitting proposed policy resolutions will be March 15, 2006. Voluntary assignments will be made to the policy resolution reference groups once the timeline for the policy review comes out:
    • EHOC Program Session for APHA 2006 Annual Meeting, November 4-8, 2006 in Boston, MA: The theme for this year’s annual meeting is “Public Health and Human Rights”. Alba Cruz and Dot Nary volunteered to co-chair organizing the EHOC session . Co-Chairs will coordinate the development of a plan for the session, title, session abstract and potential speakers to participate.
    • Dialogue followed on the potential issues to incorporate into the session and to help guide selecting speakers for the panel:
      • Focus on institutional racism and discrimination
      • Present best or promising practices (and solutions) as well as highlight issues critical to this area.
      • Focus on people at the margin (as with Katrina)
      • Consider global implications of human rights (particular communities in the U.S. that are also impacted e.g. immigrants and refugees)
    • Diversity Audit of Each Section APHA Section Diversity Survey: Rod reviewed the recommendations provided to the governing council regarding expanding diversity of APHA sections. The recommendations included having sections conduct a diversity audit and fill leadership positions based upon the results of that audit.

EHOC Committee members agreed that it was important to be proactive. The idea to submit our own policy statement was suggested. Rod said he would check with Monica about that possibility. At the very least, EHOC said they would try to work more closely with Caucuses, particularly the ethnic caucuses, the LGBT Caucus and Disability Forum.

    • EHOC members: There are still two vacancies on EHOC. It was suggested to have representation from the American Indian and LGBT communities. Rod said that he would follow-up with the chairs of these respective caucuses.