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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Summary Notes

Event: Equal Health Opportunity Committee Teleconference
Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Time: 12:00-1:15 EST
Henry Montes, Chair
Charlotte Torres
Dot Nary
Jean Swinney
Giorgio Piccagli S

Members Not on Call: Kathy Russell
Andrea Kidd-Taylor
Leland Yee

APHA Staff: Monica Lathan

Discussion Items

  • Welcome of Members: Henry Montes welcomed members to the call and went over the agenda for the call. Kathy and Leland both had conflicts with this time period and could not make the call.
  • Summary Notes from Annual Meeting: There were no changes to the notes summarizing the EHOC conference call of January 14, 2004.
  • Follow up Items

    • APHA Website/Roster Corrections: Monica has made corrections to the EHOC roster. She will put Henry in contact with the APHA staff person working on the website in order to discuss the changes EHOC wants. Members recommend that EHOC be moved into the governance structure section of the website and moved up to the front with the other Standing Committees that are based in the By-laws of APHA. Also, the EHOC website needs to be worked on to change it to help the user navigate it more easily and to up date the information with our summaries and reports.
    • Face to face Meeting in D.C.: Henry has talked with Tiffany Emami about this and she is looking into it. Monica mentioned that the Committee on Women’s Health also was wanting such a face-to-face meeting so that we might pool our requests to bring greater leverage. EHOC will wait and see what Tiffany comes up with.
    • Assignments for Policy Resolution Reference Groups: Henry asked each member to serve as a reviewer of the various proposed policy statements that will be submitted by the end of February to APHA. Each EHOC member should express a preference for which group of proposed policy statements to work on, i.e. A, B, C or D. Jean chose D or C; Dot chose C or D; Charlotte chose C or A; and Giorgio chose A or D. In taking this requests into account, Henry will give assigned Groups for review by the end of February.

  • Action Updates

    • EHOC Program Session for APHA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.: Jean has the lead working with Charlotte and Kathy. Nothing to report to date but will be getting together with Charlotte and Kathy to determine how to develop the first cut at an abstract for the program session. They will have something for the EHOC members to consider by next conference call. Giorgio suggested that the team look into what the Special Sessions will be doing for this year’s theme. EHOC can avoid duplication and/or work toward enhancing topic areas covered in the Special Sessions while staying with the EHOC theme of Environmental Justice.
    • Demographic Profile of Each Section and Executive Board Charge to EHOC on Nomination Committee Review Process: Monica will be sending Andrea the data that Monica has developed from the APHA information available. Andrea was not present to report.
    • EHOC Work with Selected Caucuses: Dot and Leland have developed a draft plan on how to proceed after identifying the appropriate contacts for each of the Caucuses. Suggestions in adding to the plan were to work with the Caucuses on how best to handle the issue of eliminating health disparities at APHA, and how to best present relevant Caucus issues to the Governing Council.

  • EHOC Tactical Plan Based on APHA Strategic Plan Map: Giorgio mentioned a number of directions to be taken in dealing with an EHOC tactical plan. Included in his deliberations was the idea that as we examine our niche for eliminating health disparities we might report on the activities that other components in APHA take and what we do to complement their approaches to address disparities. We can look at the APHA website as a portal for the reports that exist as a resource. We might also provide a synthesis of major underlying problems identified and what actions may need to be taken as well as focus on synthesizing the results of these efforts. Giorgio will write up his thoughts and share them with the EHOC members. The issue of necessary resources related to taking on efforts to respond to the Strategic Plan Map were noted as needing to be addressed as well.
  • Other Items to Consider: Henry mentioned that in his conversation with Tiffany they spoke about the EHOC coming up with recommendation for new members. If members were going off and wanted to continue, we should let her know this as part of the Membership Deployment process. EHOC members who will be coming off this year should let Henry know as soon as possible if they are interested in continuing for another term.

Concluding Summary of Action Items

  • Henry will contact APHA key staff to work on updating and changing EHOC position on APHA website as well as improving the site itself.
  • Jean, Charlotte and Kathy will have a draft Abstract ready for our March 10 call.
  • Giorgio will have a draft write-up prepared on ideas for the EHOC as it develops its Tactical Plan for the short term (year by year) and for the long term (setting future areas to address) as well as include discussion of how we address health disparities.
  • Andrea will report on her progress into developing a survey for the Sections and keep a record of last year’s nomination and election results.
  • Dot and Leland will be make adjustments to their plan and report on contacts and any implementation moves they have made with the Caucuses.
  • EHOC members will be assigned Reference Groups for review of proposed policy statements by Henry who will take into account to the extent possible the preference each member noted.
  • EHOC members will make every effort to be on each future conference call and attend a face-to-face meeting in August.