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May 2006


Rod Lew, Chair
Leland Yey
Dot Nary

Discussion Items

  • Review of April Minutes: Approved by EHOC members present
  • Action Items
    • 2006 EHOC Program Session: Dot provided an update on the planning of the EHOC Session. Initial abstract was submitted. May 30 is the deadline for abstracts for acceptance of continuing education credits. The EHOC Program Committee will select three speakers from the following list: Dr. Akhter, Tom Perez, Ruth Perot, Nora Graves (sp?) and Debra Prothrow-Stith based on their availability. Alba volunteered to moderate the session. Suggestion was made to invite speakers to lunch following session.
    • Promoting EHOC: Discussion focused on promoting EHOC through
      • 1) the Caucuses and SPIGS - again personally invite representatives from key caucuses to the annual meeting, perhaps change to a lunch session.
      • 2) the general membership - suggestion was made to write editorial or get article on EHOC published in the Nation’s Health; another suggestion made to develop flyer or pamphlet on how APHA works in relation to EHOC’s mission. Other suggestions to add flyer to registration bag or to have a booth in the exhibit hall.
    • EHOC members: Rod reported on a nomination from the American Indian community for Delight Satter (unfortunately since then she declined).
    • Next steps for EHOC
      • Rod will contact Monica about the Nation’s Health and whether a lunch is possible for the EHOC meeting.
      • Dot and Alba will finalize the speakers for the EHOC session and submit abstract for the May 30 deadline.
      • Rod and Dot will begin drafting a flyer or pamphlet on how APHA works and how to get involved in APHA.