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August 2006

Participants: Alba Cruz-Davis, Rod Lew, Dot Nary, Randy Rowell, Jean Swinney

APHA Staff: Monica Lathan

1. Update on annual meeting session

Alba reported that Nora Groce, Ruth Perot, and Deborah Prothrow-Stith agreed to serve as panelists and are submitting the necessary paperwork. Alba will serve as moderator-she is email a copy of the session description to EHOC members and asked for members to submit potential questions for the panelists. Dot is creating a flyer and will email to Monica next week for distribution to relevant caucuses and SPIGS. Monica advised that because it is a panel session, enough information has been shared with APHA to make the session eligible for CEUs for attendees, which benefits everyone.

2. Annual Meeting

A discussion about when to meet at the Annual meeting resulted in the following decision: instead of a breakfast, we will request a lunch on Monday after the scientific session. Having our panelists at the lunch should be an enticement for caucus and SPIG, and Section on Leadership members to attend. Additionally, the meeting for new EHOC members will likely take place on Wednesday AM.

3. Getting Involvement

Mailing to promote EHOC to caucus members: Rod will compose a letter and send a draft to Monica.

4. Next Steps

  • Send Schedule for Annual Meeting Monica
  • Draft caucus letter Rod/ Monica
  • Finalize Session Information Alba/ Monica
  • Submit EHOC Annual Report Rod
  • Create Panel Questions EHOC Committee