April 13, 2006


Rod Lew, Chair
Kari Karsjens
Dot Nary
Randy Rowel
Jean Swinney

Discussion Items

  • Welcome of Members: Members were welcomed to the call and introduced themselves.
  • Action Items
    • 2006 EHOC Program Session: Dot provided an update on the planning of the EHOC Session. The recommended theme was “Why Human Rights are Everyone’s Concern” which other EHOC members liked.
      • Some initial ideas included Mohammed Akhter as either keynote or to provide overview (and possibly also act as moderator for the panel).
      • Other suggestions included someone from the Navajo nation and Deborah Prothrow-Stith, and an expert on disability issues.
      • Rod also mentioned topics discussed at previous meetings including immigration, institutional racism and discrimination and global implications.
      • Dot asked for additional support on the EHOC Session committee and Jean volunteered to help with the session planning.
    • Policy Resolution Review: Rod recently received the list of policies from Monica. The deadline for submitting comments to the proposed policy resolutions will be April 21, 2006. Assignments were made to the review the policy resolutions in the following groups:
      • A Health Disparities (Randy)
      • B Environmental and Occupational Health (Kari)
      • C Access to Health Care (Dot)
      • D Public Health Science and Infrastructure (Jean

(Note: For those not on call, please help to review one section and provide feedback.)

Rod will send out the information on policy reviews including the review forms that we used last year. Since the deadline is quickly approaching, it was decided to set up another call on Thursday, April 20 at 11:30 a.m. EST. Comments should be sent to Monica. Randy volunteered to work with Monica to coordinate the collecting of comments and submit back to APHA.

    • EHOC members: There are still two vacancies on EHOC. The response from the two caucuses was limited, so we are asking again for any suggestions on candidates.
    • Next steps for EHOC: Rod mentioned that we have a unique opportunity to try to impact issues through EHOC. Suggestions were made to increase visibility of EHOC both prior to and during the APHA meeting. Questions to discuss included Who do we want to impact? And what do can we provide that’s meaningful? Rod agreed to contact the chairs of key Caucuses and SPIGs individually and Dot agreed to contact Giorgio (past EHOC member) about the EHOC history document that was being drafted last year. The group talked about using the EHOC session to promote the Committee more and also continuing to invite Caucus members to the our activities.