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The Governing Council is the representative legislative body of the Association. It consists of voting and nonvoting members who represent different constituencies within APHA. Voting members include at least two elected representatives of each Section and an additional number of representatives from the unaffiliated membership; one representative designated by each (state) Affiliated Association; the officers of the Association; and the elected members of the Executive Board. Ex officio members of the Governing Council, without vote, include: the chair of the Science Board; the chair of the Action Board; the chair of the Education Board; the chair of the Committee on Affiliates; the chair of the InterSectional Council; the chair of each standing committee of the Association; the executive director; chairs of each Section; and past presidents of the Association. Section and Affiliate representatives to the Governing Council are elected by their own Section or Affiliate. Officers are not elected by the entire APHA membership but by the Governing Council during its Annual Meeting.

Staff Contact:  Deborah Dillard, Executive Assistant to the Chief Staff