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COWR Meeting Minutes May 26, 2011

Attending: Padmini (Mini) Murthy, Sarah Gareau, Peter Reed,

Karlene Baddy: APHA Liaison

Absent: Valarie Conrad (excused), Ellen Mason, Mildred Hunter

  • Meeting called to order by Padmini Murthy
  • Valerie was unable to be on the call but  was willing to act as a moderator for selected COWR sessions at the 2011 Annual meeting.
  • Karlene informed members that her review of the COWR sessions in the APHA data base revealed that moderators were not identified for the sessions.
  • Karlene also reminded committee members to complete their disclosure statements for the abstract sessions in which they are scheduled to participate.
  • Moderators were subsequently identified for all sessions.
  • Mini stated that she would update the system to include the moderators.
  • Karlene informed members that 2 new committee members were appointed by the Board.  She would inform the COWR Chair of their names.
  • The meeting was adjourned.