CoA Functions

Functions & Responsibilities Committee on Affiliates (CoA) American Public Health Association

Purposes of the Committee

  • To promote efficient and effective APHA/Affiliate Coordination

  • To identify and resolve concerns and issues

  • To maintain working relationships with the Intersectional Council (ISC), Executive Board, Membership Committee, Action Board, and Governing Council

  • To conduct and coordinate activities of Affiliate Caucus at Annual meeting

  • To organize and conduct Affiliate Leadership Day at Annual Meeting

Responsibilities of Committee Members

  • Maintains communication with and seeks guidance and input of constituent states on APHA/Affiliate matters

  • Communicates ideas, concerns and issues related to APHA/Affiliates matters to Chairperson

  • Assures that ARGCs from constituent states understand their function and responsibilities

  • Promotes intra-regional sharing of mutually beneficial operational or programmatic information

  • Facilitates identification and resolution of public health problems requiring interstate or regional action

Annual Meeting Duties

  1. Serves as CoA liaison to constituent states
  2. Organizes and conducts regional caucus(es) when appropriate
  3. Attends hearings as assigned
  4. Encourages attendance of constituent states at Affiliate Leadership Day
  5. Encourages ARGC attendance at Governing Council

Responsibilities of Chairperson

  • Monitors the implementation of the annual CoA work plan

  • Convenes Committee and coordinates its activities

  • Communicates ideas, concerns and issues identified by the Committee and its representatives to staff, officers, committees or Executive Board for consideration

  • Assures leadership transition and orientation of new members

  • Facilitates follow through by members on assigned responsibilities, and follows up and reports on matters referred to other APHA entities

  • Develops and delivers annual report to Governing Council

  • Communicates in a timely manner with the Committee and facilitates early communication with affiliated associations on the Leadership Day and the activities conducted in conjunction with the APHA annual meeting

  • Maintains ongoing communication with the Executive Board, Action Board, Membership Committee, Program Development Board, Intersectional Council (ISC) and other units of APHA as appropriate.