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Charitable Bequests

The term "charitable bequest" is used to describe anything you give or leave to APHA from your estate through a will or a revocable inter vivos ("living") trust. An "estate" is any property, money or personal belongings that you may have at the time of your death. Most people leave an estate when they die, even though they may not have a great deal of wealth. Even an individual with a small estate can arrange to leave a charitable bequest.

You can arrange to bequeath a gift from your estate in several different ways. You can set aside a specific dollar amount, leave a percentage of your estate, or leave any assets left over after your family has been provided for. Some people use a bequest to give APHA something they own, such as a car, home, art or jewelry. Others leave a paid life insurance policy or other financial investments, such as stocks, bonds or CDs.