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A letter from the APHA president

Joyce Gaufin 

Dear APHA Members:

Welcome to the 2014 Every Member Campaign website. The Every Member Campaign is APHA’s annual effort to unite the Association’s 25,000 individual members in the spirit of giving. During the 2012 fiscal year, more than 700 people participated raising nearly $96,000! In a show of leadership, 100 percent of our Executive Board also participated in the campaign. During the 2014 campaign, I ask that you renew your commitment or become a new participant in this important annual giving drive. We need your help to reach our 2014 fundraising goal of $100,000! 


When a high percentage of an Association’s members donate, that signals to external funding agencies that it is an organization worthy of additional financial support. APHA is dedicated to ensuring that you, the public health professional, have access to the latest public health information, myriad public health program and policy initiatives and networking and professional development opportunities.


We also need your collective financial support to have a positive and more meaningful impact on our national mindset with regard to public health. We understand and appreciate that you pay dues, join us each year at the Annual Meeting and volunteer many hours to help APHA achieve its mission. While APHA staff work around the clock to increase grants and gifts in support of your work, we also need your collective strength to help us build the needed resources that will effect real change to public policies that support your profession or improve the quality of life for all Americans. 

Thank you for your contribution today; every donation and any dollar amount is greatly appreciated.


  Joyce Gaufin signature                                                  


Joyce Gaufin, BS

APHA president, 2014

Did you know that if each member made a donation of just $10 per year, APHA would raise $250,000 in support of YOUR voice and the critical work that YOU are doing?