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Why Support Public Health

The public health field permeates every aspect of our lives. Its practice is an essential and critical component to ensuring a healthy birth, to making certain that a child or adolescent is experiencing healthy physical, mental, and social development and to helping adults at every stage maintain a healthy lifestyle which will ultimately lead to a richer, longer life. By supporting the field of public health and the indispensable work of public health professionals you are fundamentally supporting your ability and the ability of your family, community and that of future generations to live a long, happy, healthy and productive life.

Lyndon Haviland

Why should I support the APHA?

While the APHA provides a variety of resources and opportunities to our member public health professionals, we also work side by side with our passionate members and decorated association leaders playing a critical role in shaping local, state and federal policies and setting priorities on a broad set of issues, including children’s health, access to care, environmental health, managed care, public health infrastructure, disease control, health disparities, bioterrorism, international health and tobacco control. The APHA also advocates for state and federal funding for health and professional education programs in public health. For an overview of APHA’s most recent accomplishments see 2011 Annual Report: We are Refusing to be Invisible.

William Riley