Careers in Public Health

Careers in Public Health


Careers in Public Health is a bi-monthly e-newsletter covering the entire spectrum of public health jobs and careers. This is an interactive newsletter designed to answer your public health career questions.

Issue # 2, October 2011

In this issue:

What does it mean for a school of public health to be "accredited?"

What goes into the accreditation process?

What’s in the required curriculum?

If a school or program isn’t accredited, does that mean it isn’t any good?

Will going to an accredited school or program make it easier for me to get a job?

How can I find out if a school or program is accredited?

Did You Know?
Did you know, Moses was one of the first pioneers in Public Health? Moses both purposed and enacted on sanitation laws, specifically that of circumcision. This act is still regarded today as a preventative measure and hygienic.

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