Affiliate Affairs and National Public Health Week

The Affiliate Affairs department serves APHA’s 53 state and regional public health associations and manages APHA’s annual National Public Health Week (NPHW) campaign. APHA’s state and regional Affiliates support the leadership and advocacy work of APHA at the local level, bringing attention to a variety of public health issues, including health equity, ensuring the right to health and health care, building public health infrastructure and capacity, that affect the health of Americans. The state public health associations are independently established with different memberships, priority issues, and public health activities.

National Public Health Week is APHA’s annual public health awareness campaign. In 1995, former President William Jefferson Clinton proclaimed the first full week of April as National Public Health Week (NPHW). Each year, APHA develops a national campaign to educate the public, policymakers, and practitioners about a specific issue important to improving the public’s health and provides partner organizations and members with comprehensive planning, organizing, and outreach materials.

The Affiliate Affairs and NPHW internship provides individuals with a multifaceted opportunity to learn about various public health issues, the public policy process, planning and implementing a National campaign, and public health practice on the national, state, and local level.

The Affiliate Affairs internship provides a unique experience to work on both tasks related to the daily activities and projects of APHA’s 53 Affiliates and National Public Health Week. The internship also offers several opportunities to work collaboratively with other departments such as Government Relations, Communications, Policy Department and Component Affairs. The internship includes work such as:

Affiliate Affairs

  • Assisting with maintaining and enhancing of Affiliate communications
  • Assisting and participating with meeting planning and project coordination
  • Updating of online resources and web pages
  • Research and assist in creation of state specific factsheets for APHA PHACT campaign
  • Coordinating Capitol Hill visits for Affiliates wishing to meet with state representatives

National Public Health Week

  • Research for NPHW tools and resources, brochures and marketing materials
  • Updating NPHW and Affiliate Affairs Web site content
  • Coordinating outreach efforts to NPHW’s National, State, and Local partners
  • Assisting with and participating in various Affiliate and NPHW meeting organization and conference calls
  • Accompanying staff on lobbying visits; providing administrative support as needed; helping write the NPHW newsletters and other materials that are sent out to APHA members, Affiliates, and partners
  • Helping to plan national and local events leading up to and throughout NPHW
  • Attending public health related events on Capitol Hill and around Washington, DC

Applicants must be a current undergraduate or graduate student and must submit a cover letter, resume, writing sample and three references to be considered for the Affiliate Affairs and National Public Health Week internship at APHA. A college transcript may be requested to assist in the selection process.

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